How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?


Several people shudder at the thought of telemarketers. Some folks might even drop the call the moment they hear tell-tale telemarketing signs. It’s because telemarketing can be an intrusive advertising practice.

But, what if you can pique the interests of targeted audiences without being intrusive? Helping you achieve that goal is ringless voicemail.

What Is Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless voicemail services, like Drop Cowboy, allow marketers to directly insert or drop voicemails to the receiver’s voice mailbox or voicemail server. Ringless voicemail, as its name suggests, is a no ring voicemail technology that creates a non-intrusive approach to advertising and marketing goods.

Hence, voicemail receivers don’t have to worry about their phones ringing once they receive the message. Also, these individuals have the freedom to check the voicemail message at their preferred time and place.

How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

The conventional method of leaving voicemails is to wait for the calling system to activate the feature. It lets the phone ring a few times before the caller gets sent to the voicemail server.

That ringing noise can be annoying, particularly for individuals who don’t want to answer the phone immediately. Hence, you might think, “How is it possible to leave a voicemail without making the phone ring?”

The magic behind ringless voicemail happens in a unique server. The caller taps into the voicemail server directly, bypassing the need to go through traditional phone lines. Since the phone doesn’t ring, the message won’t interrupt the receiver who might be currently too busy.

Users of this technology can take advantage of the system in two ways. The first method is to dial the same number twice. But, this technique needs precise timing. If one call misses a beep (no pun intended), it can connect and make the phone ring. But, do that method correctly, and both call attempts should cancel out, leaving one call to push through into the voicemail server. Also, keep in mind that you need at least two people (or very fast hands) to accomplish this method without any hitches.

Another method is to use a service specializing in dropping ringless voicemail messages. Achieving this marketing technique may require you to download an app to your desktop or mobile device. Use the program to record and send a voice message before sending it to a list of contacts.

The beauty of this second method is that you don’t need accurate timing or extra staff to leave a voice message. You only need yourself or a colleague to handle the recording and sending of the message. In return, your brand can save a significant amount of effort and time, and, perhaps, even money.

Aside from letting you save resources, opting for ringless voicemail services can promote other benefits, which will be discussed below.

What Are The Benefits Of Ringless Voicemail Services?

1. Give Each Lead Your Best Pitch

Real-time marketing techniques, such as cold calling and telemarketing, can be nerve-wracking. It’s because the marketer tends to have no control over the conversation. Different thoughts begin to flood the mind as soon as the receiver picks up the call.

Several ideas will then begin to overflow, causing thought gaps and leading to errors in speech, grammar, and information delivery. But, ringless voicemail can help alleviate the risks of these mishaps from happening.

Dropping voicemail messages without letting the recipient’s phone ring allows you to think and relay the perfect pitch. You have the freedom of time to fine-tune your marketing appeal before sending the recording.

Furthermore, you can develop a script with the same cheerful demeanor every time. In contrast, talking on the phone after numerous calls will make your voice sound tired. The way you speak might eventually lead to sounding robotic.

So, deliver the enthusiasm and genuine interest in providing your leads and customers with the ideal recording before you hit ‘Send.’ This way, you won’t have to worry about mishaps, like speech filters (e.g., ‘uh’ and ‘um’), coughing, flubbing words, and robotic repetitions.

2. Non-Intrusive Marketing Tool

Customer engagement is an essential requirement to build healthy relationships with your leads and customers. But, developing the said relationships can be tough if you intrude on their privacy from the beginning.

Instead, opt to use ringless voicemail and its non-intrusive characteristics. This marketing tool can be a better option than other direct advertising techniques to promote brands and goods.

Dropping a ringless voicemail message allows the recipient to choose the best time to listen to it. Using reliable apps that provide this type of service may provide a higher-than-average chance for brands to convert cold leads into loyal customers.

Moreover, the time of day won’t limit your marketing efforts. For example, attempting to cold call potential leads at 2 am will make you garner fines from the authorities. The time of day to send these recordings becomes irrelevant since dropping voice messages to voicemail servers won’t make recipients’ phones ring. Hence, some marketers can argue that ringless voicemail can become the most polite way to market products and services over the phone.

You won’t interrupt meetings, dates, or personal times with this marketing technique. You only need to wait for the replies of your leads when they check their inboxes.

3. Quality Control

You don’t have to send hundreds of voicemail messages in one go. Instead, drop these recordings in batches.

For example, you can send 20 pre-recorded messages for the first batch. Then, wait for an appropriate amount of time, such as two days, to check the recordings’quality. Perhaps, the first batch only acquired two positive responses from the first recording. If so, you might need to fine-tune the audio file to capture the leads’ interests better than before.

Conversely, you can send the same audio file to the succeeding batches of contacts if a large percentage of contacts returned with positive replies. This quality assurance check assures your marketing efforts of the same optimum quality for the messages you send for each target audience.

Also, the risks of failure for your marketing campaign might be smaller than usual since you’re sending the messages in small batches. In comparison, marketing techniques like cold calling and telemarketing tend to call dozens of people a day before you can review the campaign’s quality.

4. Seamless Integration With Other Marketing Techniques

Another benefit of using ringless voicemail apps and services is their ability to seamlessly integrate into other marketing campaigns. You don’t have to remove your current campaign in lieu of dropping voice messages to the inboxes of potential leads and existing clients.

Perhaps, the question on your mind right now is how to integrate this marketing technique with your current campaign.

For example, you have a social media campaign. Your brand’s social networking accounts capture the attention and interests of their following with witty posts and intuitive information. Next, those followers become leads when they sign up for a voicemail subscription.

Collect those voicemail addresses and numbers into one cohesive list. Then, feed that list into your preferred ringless voicemail app that’s connected to customer relationship management software. The next step to accomplish is to send your perfect marketing pitch and wait for the replies.

This integration can help you save on costs for the long-term since you won’t have to redo the entire marketing campaign to focus on dropping audio recordings.

5. Broad Brand Outreach

Other marketing forms, such as cold calling and door-to-door outreach, have their unique advantages. But, these techniques tend to be prone to rejections before the target audience receives the intended message. Cold calls get call drops, whereas door-to-door marketers may receive door slams.

Remember, the best product and service doesn’t win the competition. But, the best-known product and service will capture more interests and produce more sales.

It won’t matter if you have the perfect offerings to sell if no one wants to avail of these goods. So, limiting your marketing campaign’s rejections should be a priority to be one step closer to brand success.

Ringless voicemail helps your brand stay in touch with a relatively unlimited number of customers, provided that your targeted leads have voicemail inboxes. Moreover, dropping marketing recordings without letting the recipient’s phone ring eliminates the possibility of call drops or door slamming.

In return, your brand can reach new clientele with minimal risks of failure from the start of the sales funnel.

6. Law Compliance

Many marketing campaigns fail from the beginning because of their non-compliance with specific rules and regulations. But, using reliable ringless voicemail apps and services shouldn’t make you worry about breaking the law. It’s because these tools tend to be compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which is a federal decree to help protect consumer privacy.

Final Words

Using ringless voicemail to market a brand and its goods is relatively straightforward. Find the right service, and you should accrue numerous benefits over time. Remember to fine-tune your voicemail marketing campaign to ensure high-quality production from your marketing efforts. Do this marketing technique correctly, and you should experience significantly positive results soon.

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