How does Content Marketing improve your website’s ranking?




Content continues to be the reigning king in the world of SEO. After all, whether it be a search query, a video, or an infographic, content is at the center of it all. As per eMarketer, approximately 60 percent of marketers create at least one piece of content every day.

In a time where, as reported by Statista, over 50 percent of the global population has internet access, and over 93 percent of online experiences begin on search engines, it is imperative to consider search engine optimization and any tactics that help ensure it. Content marketing is one such (and highly effective) strategy.

But, the question arises, what makes content marketing so important in the world of SEO? How exactly does it help boost the ranking of the page? Here are the top ways your content marketing strategy affects your SEO efforts.

  • Keywords

If you have ever sought help from professional copywriting services, you may have heard them talk about optimizing your copies for the web. You might wonder what it may entail. If we were to explain it in one word, then the apt one would be “keywords.”

Keywords refer to the phrases or words that search engine users use when making a query. Remember, search engines use robots to crawl through websites and rank them. And these robots detect search words within the article as a sign of relevancy.

For instance, let’s say you own an apparel shop in New York. If you include the phrase, “clothing store in NY,” the search engine will take this as a signal that your website is relevant to a search query regarding clothing stores in NY, and hence it will rank it highly in the search engine.

Content marketing is the only way via which websites can incorporate high-performing keywords within their website and hence illustrate their relevancy, credibility, and authenticity.

  • Time on page

Another related metric for search engine ranking is time-on-page. This refers to the duration after clicking on a link that a visitor stays on the website.

A low time on page, and hence a high bounce rate, signals to search engines that the website isn’t useful for the site visitors. And since Google focuses on boosting the search engine experience for its users, it ranks those websites highly that offer low bounce rate and high time on page.

This is where content marketing can make all the difference. There is only so much web design can do to attract visitors. At the end of the day, it is the content that truly hooks visitors into giving the website a chance.

For instance, by adding a video explaining your business on your landing page, you can surely boost engagement. After all, a Word Stream study revealed that 49 percent of marketers use videos to boost their revenue while 51 percent find it to have the highest ROI among types of content.

  • Link building

According to Social Media Today, link building is among the top two ranking factors of Google. In isolation, you might think that this is not related to content marketing.

However, link building is only possible via it. Link building refers to the sites that contain links to your website. The more authoritative the link is, the better. You will rarely find another website linking back to the landing page of a business.

Instead, it links to the resources, infographics, or informational videos. Each of these are examples of content! Whether it be adding a blog to your website, reaching out to other sites within your niche, or guest blogging on relevant platforms, they all are content marketing tactics.

Ending Remarks

All in all, your website’s ranking heavily depends on the quality of your content. And while we often forget just how many types of content we are surrounded by and associate the word with solely verbose blogs, it is imperative to leverage the different varieties of content.

At least if you wish to achieve a high search engine ranking. And considering that only 0.78 percent of visitors bother going to the second search result page, we are positive you would surely wish to improve your online presence.


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