The world is currently suffering from a Pandemic and in this situation, the number of gamers is increasing rapidly. We all know that in today’s times, home is the safest place to live. For that reason, even parents are allowing their kids to spend more time at home than roaming outside.

Many pro-gamers spend up to 10 hours a day playing their favorite games. Many of them are completely unaware of the dirtiness across their gaming table or even inside their gaming consoles. According to a research study from Betway Casino, over 65% of gamers don’t clean up their consoles regularly.

The study has further tested different gaming consoles derived from pro-gamers from different regions. The full-study report from console to console is listed below. Let’s collect some useful information to know how dirty our gaming consoles are in real life!

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Popular Gaming Consoles

  • PlayStation

Sony’s PlayStation is undoubtedly the best gaming console in the world. According to the study, the latest console is dirtier than the previous one due to its design. The study has seen 72.5 more bacteria which is 2.5 times more than on a toilet seat.

What’s interesting here is the Joystick and Controller buttons are dirtiest among other parts. These accessories attract more dirt. On Joystick and Controller buttons, the total number of bacteria units was 190. Several other samples found even dirtiest consoles with more than 650 units of bacteria.

  • Xbox

Xbox is yet another popular gaming console with millions of its users across the globe. According to research, the test sample has detected 62.5 colony-forming units per swab. Which is way higher than the bacteria found on the toilet seat.

On the other hand, the Xbox’s Handle and Controller tested 82.5 colony-forming units per swab which are a little higher than the main console. The dirtiest samples tested by the swab test encountered 5615 colony-forming units.

  • PC

When it comes to gaming consoles, the PC is the least recommended unit for pro gamers. Still, more gamers spend their time playing their favorite games on PC.

The only exposed accessory or part on a PC is its keyboard. The study found that the keyboard has 165 colony-forming units per swab. While on the mouse, there were 247.5 colony-forming units found. The mouse is prone to bacteria and the study shows the highest number of bacteria picked by the mouse of the PC.

  • Switch

Switch users are not high in numbers like other consoles. However, researchers have also conducted tests on this console and found shocking results. The test results on Nintendo’s Switch console found only 55 colony-forming units per swab.

If we compare this number with the number of bacteria on a toilet seat then it is 25 numbers higher. However, while comparing this result with other consoles, it is way cleaner than other consoles.

The other parts such as the joystick and controller of the Switch console have found 62.5 colony-forming units per swab. So yes, according to a research study, Nintendo’s Switch is the cleanest console.

Gaming Controllers Under the Microscope

Studies have been conducted not only on consoles but also on accessories and controllers that most gamers use to enhance their gaming experience. We are completely unaware of the bacteria and viruses that our hands carry. While touching the controller, we don’t wash or sanitize our hands.

For that reason, the studies have found shocking results for those who are using controllers. Germs and other bacterias can spread through hands, nose, shouting, etc.

1. PlayStation

  • Handles- 73 Colonies of Bacteria
  • Buttons- 190 Colonies of Bacteria
  • Triggers- 33 Colonies of Bacteria

2. Xbox

  • Handles- 83 Colonies of Bacteria
  • Buttons- 63 Colonies of Bacteria
  • Triggers- 15 Colonies of Bacteria

3. Switch

  • Handles- 55 Colonies of Bacteria
  • Buttons- 63 Colonies of Bacteria
  • Triggers- 55 Colonies of Bacteria

4. PC

  • Keyboard Buttons- 115 Colonies of Bacteria
  • Keyboard- 165 Colonies of Bacteria
  • Mouse- 248 Colonies of Bacteria

Out of all these gaming consoles, most people would like to know about the popular consoles i.e. PlayStation and Xbox. Let’s differentiate them!

PlayStation Vs. Xbox

Sony’s latest edition i.e. the PlayStation 5 has managed to top the chart of the most popular gaming console in the world. However, the race between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox is still going on. We have compared these two popular gaming consoles here. If you are curious to know which PC console is dirtiest, then the following chart will help you out.


What type of Bacteria can be grown on your Consoles?

After comparing these popular gaming consoles, we have come to know that each of these consoles is dirtiest than toilet seats. They are prone to grow several types of bacterias which can be harmful to your overall health.

1. Mould

Mould is a type of fungus which is very common. It can be found in damp places and other parts of the home. If you inhale the spores of this fungus, then the chances of getting sick are high.

2. Micrococcus SSP

Micrococcus SSP is a form of microbial flora. This type of bacteria is present in animals, humans, and also in our environment. Micrococcus SSP has over 40 different types from which many of which can be harmful to your health.

3. Bacillus SSP

Bacillus SSP can be found on the surface of the soil. However, due to the permanent place inside of your console, this type of bacteria can live inside your console. They are not harmful still you need to be a little careful about them.


You need to keep your gaming consoles clean. You should clean your console and its related accessories every day with normal cloth. Before doing so, you need to unplug all the devices from the power plug. Make sure you take safety precautions first before you start cleaning up your devices.

A damp cloth is recommended to clean up or wipe up the dirt and dust from the surfaces. A tiny brush can be used to clean up the console and its inside area.