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Color has the power to express thoughts, ideas, and concepts more vividly than other mediums. It has always attracted people when used for a purpose. Every color communicates a symbol, emotion, and hidden meaning that help users to interpret it according to their experiences and perceptions.

The designers also make use of brilliant tools in creating enticing websites with thought-provoking layout and appearance. For a layman, choosing colors for creating an impact is beyond imagination and understanding. However, a reliable web design company would like to pay attention to the basic color theory, human psychology, and business research to ensure the color selection brews the required results in terms of user experience and conversion rate. This post discusses some of the ways how a good color scheme can impact the usability of a website.

The basic theory behind color schemes

Before studying the impact of color on any target audience, let us find or revise the basic color theory. The theory states that we have a limited number of primary colors like Red, yellow, and blue. And, the rest are created with a combination of primary shades.

For example, blue and yellow are mixed to form green, and a mix of yellow and red becomes an orange color. Among them, black and white are used specifically for adding tints and shades in a design. Every color has a unique identity and purpose.

Adding a dark background may create a gloomy effect or a touch of white color may symbolize delicacy and brightness. The explicit quality of light and dark are known as the value of the color.

The dissimilar colors may not seem to match when combined, but they emphasize the qualities of each other. Choosing contrasting colors may not be a designer’s choice, but the needs of the hour. For example, the icon of the Facebook messenger app is blue at the core with white borders as shown in the image below. The white border is somehow matching the light blue. However, the notification appears in red.

This is a brilliant example of color contrast as the red is complementing the blue. For a better understanding of color theory and its impact on internet marketing, you can checkout valuable tips and advice from experts from the Techbii.


With the concept of complementary colors come the analogous shades on the wheel. The colors that are lower in shades are somehow comparable to each other. They are used for extending design with a balance of shades. The use of analogous colors is tricky as combining two light shades may blur the text and reduce its readability.

Human psychology and emotional trigger behind colors

Colors are used to symbolize customs, traditions, and religious rituals. Our mind likes to associate good and bad things or events with colors. These form the basis for psychological and emotional triggers in our behavior.

For example, red and golden colors are associated with weddings in certain parts of Asia, but in other parts of the world, it may seem to be primitive and archaic. Similarly, white color is associated with both weddings as well as death ceremonies in different religions.

So, the color preferences of a person vary between region, cultures, gender, and ethnicities. To observe the results of a color scheme in web design, one must understand the stories, myths, and other color associations of the target audience.

How colors impact conversions and UX?

To observe the impact of color scheme on conversions and user experience, you need to understand the psychology behind it. There is not a single color that fits the needs of all websites.

A conversion optimization expert may suggest red as the most winning color for a clothing brand dealing in wedding and party wear. However, the same expert may suggest black as the most striking color with a combination of white for men’s fashion websites.

– Visual appeal

The visual appeal of colors makes or breaks the deal. According to Ragan, 85% of shoppers claim that color is the primary reason for buying a product. Companies and brands can make the most out of color schemes if they get to know the most appealing color of their target audiences.

Just like the way a brick and mortar store paints the walls and shelves with appealing patterns and designs. Your eCommerce website also deserves to be renovated the way your visitors want it. They feel comfortable at an online store if the colors are not pinching in their eyes or blurring their vision.

– Contrasting Colors Attract

A contracting color scheme compels users to take action as it highlights the key areas and diverts their attention. It works as a highlighter. If you remind the use of a highlighter pen in a book, when you used to mark the important points for memorizing and revising afterward, you may find the use of orange or yellow marker over black text.

Color contrast works exactly the same way in web design by bringing significant content sections and calls to action of a website into the limelight. Conversion optimization and user experience go side by side. You add a call to action button in a contrasting color to make it easier for the users to find and take action. The same improvement complements the conversion rate.

– Contextual and Memorable

The selection of colors makes a design contextually relevant and memorable for the users. For example, using red for fast food, orange for energy drinks, blue for water products, green for eco-friendly companies creates a visual context that imprints the design in the minds of visitors.

For every brand or industry, people have preconceived notions. They have an ideal design and appearance for the website of a specific business. Going above and beyond may require lots of creativity, else it will not be memorable, hence, it will be declining the conversions too.

Final words

For a web development company, knowing the different aspects of color scheme is mandatory so that they can optimize web pages for higher conversion and better user experience. People are affectionate to colors, which reflect in their online buying decisions. It would only impact a website in attracting more leads and conversions if the users are comfortable with the color patterns.

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