In recent times where everything is going digital, technology is evolving at an exponentially high rate. Every major industry, from healthcare, manufacturing, education, finance, to the government sector, all of them count on digital assets to streamline their business operations and improve their user experience.

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And when we talk about the influencing technologies that have a direct impact on businesses, the notable one is Artificial Intelligence apart from the Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, and so on. Before we explore the nitty-gritty of how businesses can leverage AI in mobile apps, let’s understand how AI can benefit business on a wider level.

How can Businesses Benefit out of Artificial Technology?

Usually, businesses look for breakthrough technologies that can help them stand unique from their rivals. In this context, businesses are counting on mobile applications that are steering the business strategies and assisting them in grabbing their customer’s attention in a smarter and hassle-free manner.

And artificial intelligence can help in experiencing a better app journey and user experience while we leverage the power of AI into mobile apps. Backed by the reasoning, learning, planning, critical thinking, and speech recognition of artificial intelligence are making way for businesses to invest in AI and improve mobile apps.

Currently, businesses not only need to realize the true power of AI but acknowledge the ways how they can benefit while implementing AI into their mobile app development lifecycle.

How Businesses are Incorporating AI for Mobile Apps

With the popularity and AI becoming the next big thing in the digital world, incorporating AI will not only enable business owners to implement AI in their mobile apps but also put the technology in the hands of the customers and give them full control and authority as well.

And when businesses leverage AI into the app development industry, you can expect major advancements such as- image labeling, landmark recognition, face recognition, barcode scanning, and text recognition.

Apart from delivering a rich user experience, developing AI-powered mobile apps will help in simplifying the work for the smartphone users and experience the AI features and other great functionalities.

1. Personalized Content

The most common reason behind the majority of app failures is that they are unable to offer significant content to their customers that build a consistent connection. No matter you have provided content to the customer on a regular basis, there are times when customers aren’t convinced.

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If the actual decisions that customers make are observed and further embedded in a highly-intelligent algorithm, the mobile applications will be able to come up with suggestions that your customer was actually interested in.

AI will curate user-specific personalized content based on the customer’s interest area. Moreover, with artificial intelligence, businesses can filter the silos of data and make smarter decisions based on insightful information. So, you can actually know what your customer wants and what’s going on their mind, you can make your app accordingly and impress him while reaching his expectation level.

2. Behavior Pattern

Another area where you can implement AI in mobile apps is to integrate algorithms that can analyze user’s behavior patterns and give useful recommendations while searching for requests. With this, businesses can deliver personalized services to the end customers and this helps in rich customer experience. It further helps you in a fruitful sales process and is the most commonly practiced technique in the e-Commerce industry.

3. AI apps for IoT

With the evolution of smart home gadgets and appliances, there is a growing demand for mobile apps to integrate with IoT technology. Today, a user needs to speak, the smart home gadget will assimilate the data and it is further processed by AI-powered apps to indicate significant actions. With this smart technology, mobile apps will become smart and advanced as never before.

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Since the lifestyles of every customer are influenced by the Internet of Things, it becomes essential for businesses to make their mobile apps equipped with IoT and make better data processing and decision making with the help of AI technology. The major smart devices that are powered by artificial intelligence include- Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortona, and so on.

The Verdict

Artificial Intelligence has proved its power in every individual business sector, so there is no point denying its significance in the mobile app industry as well. More and more businesses are investing in AI technology to uplift their customer experience and get a higher accuracy level in the outcomes.

Since the competition is very stiff in the mobile app industry, it becomes not a choice but a necessity to count on AI and stay ahead of the competition. As artificial intelligence is evolving globally in all industries, you can expect a lot out of this technology in the coming time as well.