Blogging is not only a way to attract readers to some problems that you find valuable, or monetize your website. It is also an excellent way for students to enhance academic writing skills in no time. Academic writing and blogging have lots of similarities, though it is not easy to say from first glance. Recently, creativity became one of the most valuable assets for any specialist and students are not the exception. Seriously, it was considered not a very good idea to employ a blogging style while working on academic essays.


Of course, you should not use slang or vulgar jargon in your academic papers, but you can add both creativity and some light expressions which will make your argumentative essay or even a research paper more vivid and lively. Let’s have a closer look at how blogging can enhance academic writing skills.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is not very interesting to write academic essays every day. We could say that an average student can practice essay writing to become a more successful writer. However, we know that it simply doesn’t happen because it is exceptionally boring. Blogging is much more fun, and finally, it is the same writing. It requires attention, looking for new words and expressions, proofreading, and making sure that your blog post is 100% plagiarism-free.

You get used to writing as a pleasant and engaging activity, and you can use the state of flow to write academic essays much better than previously. Students like to share their experiences, and they want to be rewarded by attention. Blogging gives this feeling of satisfaction and engagement.

You Get Better in Doing Research

When you start blogging, you may think that it doesn’t require any extensive research at all. You just need to express your thoughts and share your experience with your target audience. However, it is rather far from the truth, as blogging also requires research, analytical skills, working with information from a variety of sources, and checking the final draft for plagiarism.

While blogging, you learn how to search for information, and structure it later. Of course, you’re not supposed to use some specific citation style like APA or MLA, but still, you need to follow some formatting rules, and it also makes you a better academic writer potentially. When looking for information for your blog, especially if you have the intention to monetize it, you stumble upon a variety of useful websites always you can save and use later for your academic assignments.

You Get a Broader Perception of Writing

For most of the students, writing is just another boring activity that has no meaning in real life. But for those engaged in blogging writing is a critical and useful skill that makes them famous and potentially wealthy. Even if you are not going to make blogging your career, it is wise to develop your writing skills as they are useful for many job descriptions you may find interesting. When you start blogging, you understand that writing is not that boring, it can actually be a great form of self-presentation and it as wise to use your blogging skills or when writing an essay or another paper for your college or university.

Basically, you don’t even need it to make this decision, as it will be a natural outcome. If you are not sure that you are capable of starting your own successful blog, you can order several blog posts written by experienced writers and later use them as models. For this you can address a professional academic writing service online as they have experience in writing a variety of different tasks and blogs are one of them.