You may have heard how big data is affecting various spheres in the world. The impact has changed the world positively and digital marketing, particularly SEO, is not an exception.

For your understanding, big data is all about analysis of an enormous amount of data that companies and organizations are receiving on a daily basis. It is a fact that even small companies have to collect or receive, store, sort, analyze, and interpret big data.

So, let us now understand SEO and how it is related to big data. SEO stands for search engine optimization. All companies with a website and social media pages have to enhance their SEO to get a place on the first page of popular search engines like Google and Bing.

All said and done, it is time to understand how big data affects SEO strategy in your organization.

1.Organizations Can Enjoy a Multichannel Approach

SEO is better optimized if there is data from different sources. Decisions that are backed by factual data from social media and website analytics tools guide marketers and entrepreneurs in making the right decisions.

With such data, it is easier to drive traffic to your website from different strategies as well. The most common ones include social media pages, popular website pages, blogs, and media streaming platforms. As a matter of fact, this is what every digital marker is rushing to achieve at the moment.

2.Better Conversion Rates

Apart from ranking on the front page of a search engine, every marketer is obsessed with converting potential customers into buying customers. Perhaps you have heard that part of SEO is called conversion rate. Optimizing this heavily relies on past data and trends to make future predictions.

Luckily, experts now have big data to rely on. Data results can be automated to highlight important figures to be used in conversation strategies.

3.Improved Efficiency

Big data is now one of the best ways to employ SEO strategies because it provides the right information needed by the experts. Whether you are looking for the right keywords to use, past ranking algorithms, or trying to predict what the future will look like, big data has got your back. In this sense, it is this strategy improves efficiency when making SEO strategies.

According to digital marketing experts and big data professionals from the ActiveWizards company, the availability of data that is making sense has drastically improved SEO. The websites can now fulfill the requirements set by Google without any struggles.

4.Customizing of Content

One of the major drivers of traffic into a website is content – both text and media. Content managers and SEO experts rely on data to understand what the potential web users need to read, see, and interact with. When all of the collected data is analyzed using the right tools like Google Analytics or any other, the marketers can now start to prepare the right content to enhance SEO.

Google has been using content as one of the major ranking factors and anyone who wants to appear on the first page should focus on this more. They check its relevance to what you offer, attractiveness, ease of loading, and much more.

Incredibly, marketers can create organic content that suits the readers while meeting the parameters set by Google because they have sensitive data to guide them.

5.Integration of Social Media

Google has recently announced that social media traffic will determine the ranking of web pages. While this is a good thing for organizations, it also poses a challenge because data is needed to understand what the social media audience wants and how things work.

The good thing with big data is that it works in all sectors with ease. If you don’t want to use predefined tools to collect data from your social media pages and analyze it, experts can come in and apply their skills to give you even better results. This way, you can apply the right strategies to get the most out of social media and improve the SEO of your company’s website.


See, big data and SEO go hand in hand today. Digital marketers can now breathe a sigh of relief because they have reliable data results to assist them in making the right decisions. The use of big data has become simpler and more popular with the availability of free tools to analyze it.

From the above insights, you now know that big data is indeed shaping SEO strategies in a very positive way.


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