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What is Beacon Technology & How does it Work for All Industries

Beacon Technology has covered most of the industries by providing its advanced features to attract more business in a way that people get benefited much more than before.

Have you ever think on Beacon Technology to be used for your business?

First of all, one must know what is Beacon Technology and how Beacon Technology works . Let’s get understand it.

What is Beacon Technology?

Beacon technology is a low cost, low powered and low energy Bluetooth device that uses low-frequency for transmitting weak signals to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.How Beacon Technology Works for all Industry

By default, the majority of Beacon devices are not connected to the Internet. No one steals your data from your phone. You need to have explicit opt-in from your customers. Beacons actually help to know about your customer insights.

How Beacon Technology works for easy business?

Beacon are Bluetooth transmitters that send some information or advertising data that can be accepted by the smartphones and tablets within the range of the transmitter. For e.g. A smart bus stop can transmit route schedules, a shop can send discounts info, a museum can air the timetable of exhibitions, and so on. A message transmitted as a notification can contain a link which navigates to the web page.

An internet free technology which helps the most of the people to have benefited more using the technology upholds the business and customer relationship enhancing.

Once upon a time, you were getting Emails and SMSs from the shop owners. Now no need to do the same due to the use of Beacon Technology which makes easier for people to get notifications in the form of discounts offered.

Which industries has been covered using Beacon Technology?

The retail industry has maximum use of Beacon Technology which is very profitable to the retailer. The retail industry has taken maximum benefit using Beacon Mobile Apps with integration to the Beacon Devices.

The Beacon Technology has covered Health Organization, Tourism, Education, Hospitality industry and so on. Severally, we will go through each and every industry which is utilize Beacon Technology.

Education sectors has gained Beacons as best co-ordinator

According to the USA survey on smartphone use by the students around 98%. Among them 93% students from college and education sector. More and more college campuses are utilizing Beacon technology and developing mobile apps to improve their campus wi-fi experience.

Easier campus navigation, most powerful communication, insightful data are the key role title which represents beacon apps to be utilized.

Hospitality industry has brilliantly utilized the Beacons to grow more

Beacon Technology presents a great deal to develop hotel business industry by offering discounts to their guests.

Hotels across the world are adopting beacons to act as an e-concierge, offering accelerated check-in, virtual maps, and a platform to easily order food or request hotel services.

Large and small hotels around the country have adopted beacons, including The James Hotels, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and Marriott International. The app allows guests access to special offers, view maps, contact the hotel, and request services.

One can feel awesome when unknown greets you with your good name. That’s the Beacon Technology support to do the same.

How does it possible? Let’s see one example of How Beacon Technology Works.

One of the goals of the technology is to help concierges greet arriving guests by name, accelerate the check-in process for frequent guests, and let housekeeping know when guests are still in a room.

Tourism industry generate more economy using Beacon Technology

The tourism may have more benefits if we co-relates the entire zone of the airports, bus stops, railway stations each one with Beacon Technology. The Heathrow airport that allows the upper-class passengers to receive special offers as they move through the airport.

“Beacons are an effective way to personalize and simplify the travel experience.”            

Once all the way you use the Beacon Technology one must know how the technology get a real breakthrough?

Beacons by themselves are breakthrough technology as it gives brands the ability to reach out to consumers at the right time, at the right place. It has taken contextual marketing to a whole new level. However, one of the factors that were standing in the way of beacon adoption was the need for brands to have a beacon-enabled app in place.

A new beacon protocol by Google has removed the need for an app but allowing businesses to reach out to their users via Google Chrome browser app on iOS and Android mobile devices using beacons.

Is Beacon Technology can be access by Android smartphones?

The iBeacon solution was only fit for iOS. Android had to use third-party libraries (Android beacon library).

Let’s see an Android smartphone example of Beacon Technology. You are the owner of one company with ten working employees in your firm. If you are physically not present in your workspace and roam around the world.

How would you know to get your employee presence in the company? The owner can hold command from anywhere in the world once he needs to set employee presence checking system to merge with Beacon device and Beacon Mobile app.

Scope for Beacon Technology from up to 2020!

India, now growing as a Startup Hub, would certainly adapt to new marketing trends. India will not delay accepting the Beacon Technology and implement it. There are a huge number of International brands available in India, who would not hold back seeing the potential of beacon technology in India. If one could start in India with full stuff on and on then will have a huge advantage in each criterion. It still needs a lot of centralization and optimization to get fully adapted.

By reviewing all the current economic level of the USA has grown by applying new technologies. Beacon Technology has a huge scope in the market worldwide.

Now working style has changed due to technology comes in a role to pay the better revenue to the businesses. Beacon Technology has reduced the workload of the business concerns. Write your query regarding How Beacon Technology works article in the comment box.

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