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For some people, working from home is an easy task. For others, this can be a challenge – especially for those in management positions. You might need to manage your team remotely. With the spread of new coronaviruses, which cause COVID-19 disease, companies around the world are advising their employees to create a home office. That step serves to prevent the spread of the virus. However, if for some people working from home is an easy task, for others it can be a challenge – especially for those in leadership positions.

Say what expectations you expect

Be clear about what you expect from your employees during this remote work period. And of course, create productive routines. For example, it offers tools for managing work planning and execution, productivity, and delivery. It is important that employees have an easy way to contact consultants, teams, and other departments. Software like AR Remote Support Software can help a lot.

But why?

Because AR software supports artificial intelligence to some degree which is useful for supporting the performance of certain modern tools.

What devices are necessary to use augmented reality?

  • A screen
  • A camera
  • Processing elements that can be personal computers, smartphones
  • An augmented reality activator: location elements such as GPS, compasses or accelerometers, which allow identifying the position and orientation of these devices, as well as RFID type labels or markers or two-dimensional codes, or in general any other element that be able to supply information equivalent to what the user would see.

There are many applications and websites that use augmented reality for educational purposes:

  • Google Sky Map: This Android application is free and allows you to identify all the constellations and stars, focusing the smartphone towards the sky, the camera of the same will identify the celestial structures that we see, detecting whether they are satellites, stars or planets.
  • Word Lens: it is an evolved dictionary that allows you to translate printed words just by being instantly photographed.
  • Reconstructme: allows a 3D reconstruction of a real object.

  • Scimorph: is a website that uses augmented reality technology to offer elementary students, with the opportunity to discuss and solve science-based problems.

  • Realwear Support Software: Smartglass AR supporting software that will be very useful in remote work environments even in extreme conditions. Smartglass in question is a hands-free smart glass that can help supervise work in extreme situations. It’s possible to take screenshots with voice commands, something that might have been unimaginable a few years ago.

The tools above proved to be very important in supporting remote work that might have to be done during the Corona pandemic. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies are the answers to resource controls involved in remote projects, which make it impossible for you to supervise directly. For many industry players, both large and small, AR and VR are the future. How about you?


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