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Stock trading apps are becoming one of the fastest-growing topics because of the affordable and easy availability of the internet to the masses. In 2022, more people will be connected to the internet, downloading seamless trading experiences from online app markets like Google Play and Apple App stores.

Online stock trading is convenient for users to perform several activities with a single smartphone tap. The stats in the mobile investing industry are rising more than before, giving an opportunity to learn, invest and earn to the general public.

Mobile trading stats around the world

  • Robinhood: Stocks & Crypto have grown 7 times in monthly active users.
  • The Asian stock market is on the rise, where 44.7 lakh retail investors have added themselves to the list of online investors in India. In 2021, individual investors raised from 122.5 lakhs to 142 lakhs, with more activity in the market analysis.
  • The stock exchange continued to rise in developing countries like India from 39% to 45% in 2020.
  • Apps like E-trade have increased from 200 active users in Jan 2017 to 1000 plus users in 2021.

With the mentioned stats, it is clear that more businesses will step into the online trading industry, attracting more investors to the market. Following are the benefits that online stock market apps provide to investors.

How stock market apps benefit investors?

The stock exchange was a daunting task before the rise of the smartphone to the masses. Websites charged high rates, making it tough for the general public to step into the investing world. Stock market apps made it easy for investors to perform trading regularly, directly from their smartphones.

Trading at one place

  • An internet connection and a smart device are enough to start trading stocks from anywhere.
  • Apps facilitate an easier degree of availability to online stock platforms.
  • Businesses working in the stock industry have an advantage of higher reach where they can let their customers use the magnitude of their features.
  • Businesses also aim to provide analysis, news, reports, and suggestions at one place so that from trading to money transfer, everything remains on one screen for customers.
  • Easy call-in trades with one click let customers lock trades on their desired rates.

Less room for mediators charging high brokerages

  • Brokers act as a mediator to perform stock trading activities, but online apps letting users access the stock market remotely have proved to be eliminating the need for brokers.
  • Because of the higher connectivity of the internet and more mobile app platforms, users have a wide variety to choose from.
  • Not only for brokers, but the increasing competition has also forced the companies to lower their brokerage and other fees to attract more customers.

Easy fund transfers

  • All the leading brokerage banks provide mobile trading platforms integrating their banking systems.
  • Users can easily transfer money to their stock wallets and revert the profit gained back to their bank accounts with a few taps.

Secure method of trading

  • A two-factor authentication system enables a high level of security for the users.
  • The login screens are highly protected with robust code, making the app interface and backend challenging for hackers.

The benefits of having an app are heavy and enough to motivate businesses to shift to mobile apps from the traditional website model.

Top Trading App Platforms

Countries globally are home to tech startups, which is visible in the stock market industry. Businesses provide their own apps with rich features making it more convenient for customers to invest. Let us take a look over a few of the trading apps performing well in the trading industry.

Robinhood: Stocks and Crypto

  • The leading player in the stock market industry providing true discount brokerage to investors with full-fledged features such as free stock, ETF, cryptocurrency trades
  • The app wins because there is no fixed account minimum and contains a streamlined interface with the option for cryptocurrency trading
  • Robinhood doesn’t target profit. They target quality and convenience to the investors as an app and business.


  • Etrade is a US-based financial corporation ranked as best because of its rich features.
  • The application offers a wide array of trading tools to boost investors’ profits.
  • Users have easy-to-use features rich in the requirements of investors.


  • Founded in 2000, the company has been in India’s stock trading market for over 20 years.
  • The company’s app is rich in reach because of the millions of downloads and installations.
  • In the app, investors have the tab for the latest updates and graphs in the stock market with live charts letting investors analyze the market and make better-investing decisions.
  • The app’s dashboard is rich in providing market analysis and user activities reports.

Zerodha Kite

  • The app is one of the best discount brokers in India, attracting more investors and providing them benefits within the app.
  • Investors benefit from the app since it has already reached 5 million downloads on the google play store.
  • Investors have historical charts and data to compare with live streaming stock data within the app.

Upstox Pro

  • A discount broking app, common among investors providing seamless mobile trading options with low brokerage and other fees.
  • The trade on NSE features and related options acted as a hit in the application.
  • Investors are provided with charts, trading indicators, margin limits, trading accounts, everything within the app itself, providing a one-click solution for trading.

Enroll your business in the trading industry with an app

Mobile trading apps are on the rise worldwide, attracting more customers regularly. It is high time for startups or trading websites to prepare and deploy their apps benefiting the investors. Mobile apps are leading the stock market industry with numerous security and convenience advantages. In 2022, Businesses must align with the app development trend and consult app development agencies to live their application and boost their business.

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