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The Hospitality Industry is one of the most competitive and dynamic sectors.

Year after year customers’ expectations and demands are changing. As well as the innovative technologies that big hotel chains use to improve their service, customer experience, and bookings.

Whether you have a big luxury hotel chain or an independent hotel. Keeping pace with new hotel technology trends is the way that makes you stand out on the OTA & booking platforms.

Therefore, we are going to introduce you to the 7 Technology Trends That Hoteliers Need To Adapt In 2023 to be ahead in the race.

Even if your hotel is well-established and prevalent, you still need to upgrade technology in the hotel to keep the growth spiral upward. We have explained WHY?

Why Investing In Technology is Essential For Hotels?

Technology has become an integral part of us in every aspect we can think of. Here is why technology has become a necessity for hotels:

1. Make Work Fast & Effective:

Without a doubt, you can hire the best workforce for your hotel. But, without the proper technology, it won’t be efficient. From booking to taking orders and serving guests there are hotel tech products that make work quick and efficient.

2. Lower The Cost:

Technology can decrease labor work and lower the work pressure on employees. Tasks can be done more expertly with fewer workforces. Consequently, investing in smart hotel technology trends can help you to lower the cost and earn more profit.

3. Improves Accuracy:

There are some tasks at hotels like keeping track of bookings, orders, and data that require the highest accuracy and quick data when needed. Can’t be possible without investing in hotel management softwares.

4. Survive In Cutthroat Competition:

Cutthroat competition is rising more than ever before in the hotel industry. In any chosen location there are many hotels to stay in. But, if you fail to keep up with the latest hospitality technology trends that other hotels are using. This can turn out to be catastrophic to your hotel.

So, now you have enough reasons why investing in hospitality tech trends is important. Let’s get started with the technology trends that are going to be super important in 2023.

7 Hotel Technology Trends To Get a Competitive Advantage In 2023

1. Price Intelligence Technology

This data-driven technology is extremely useful, especially when you’re catering to price-conscious customers.

When it comes to hotels, most customers look for less costly rooms to stay in.

And, since hotel price comparison websites are accessible to consumers. It becomes even harder for priced rooms to get sold.

Therefore, to save themselves from a drastic decline in bookings hotels need to sell their rooms at competitive pricing.

To get pricing data of your competitors you can use Hotel Price API from Makcorps that pulls out hotel price data from over 200+ OTAs in an affordable subscription. Plus, also check out the best strategies to market your hotel.

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2. Room Service Apps

No awkward conversions and frustration that customers generally face while calling for room services.

Room service apps sort out everything for you and your guests.

From delivering food to cutlery, extra tray, glasses, dishes, and drinks to the other required items like towels, bathing kits, cleaning services and more can easily be done by room service apps.

Big hotels like Hilton and many more are providing their customer’s a room service app facilities. Plus, you can also provide your guests with a lavish experience by investing in a room service app.

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3. Face Recognition Technology

Security always remains the topmost concern for guests. Hotels can tackle this issue in a smart manner with face recognition technology.

Face recognition technology is used in smartphones to unlock and in offices as biometrics to keep track of employee attendance. In hotels, it can be used for getting guests to access their rooms.

The face recognition sensor on the door only lets the particular guest enter the room. So, no one else can enter the room. Isn’t it something guests would appreciate?

This will not only make users feel more secure but also improve the customer’s experience.

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4. Big Data

Big data in hospitality is a large cumulative data that is related to human behavioral patterns. Behind the success of many companies, big data was involved.

From creating disruptive marketing campaigns to improving customer experience and services, big data plays an important role.

This large collection of data is not easy, it requires everyday efforts to collect this data through social media, hotel booking sites, customer reviews, and survey campaigns.

Hotels can use big data to provide required services to different customer segments, run marketing campaigns in accordance with different needs and the internet, and keep them engaged on social media.

If using big data creatively, hotels can deliver experiences to their users that they never forget.

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5. Green Technology

Technology that is less harmful to the environment is called green technology.

In the past few decades, people are being more concerned about environmental changes and giving more value to sustainable companies and products.

This is not all, even customers are willing to pay more price for environmentally friendly products and services.

Thus, many hotels are taking the initiative to adopt green technology in their hotels to improve customers’ experience and influence booking decisions.

If you’re not sure how green technology can be used in hotels.

Here are the 10 most popular environmental technology that hotels can use:

  1. LED Light
  2. Water Cooled Chilled
  3. Water Restrictor
  4. Water Auto Sensing Device
  5. Heat Pump Water Heater
  6. Heat Exchanger
  7. Variable Speed Device
  8. T5 Fluorescent Tube
  9. Motion Sensor
  10. Key Card System

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6. Translation Device

If the place where your hotel is located is a tourist hub. You’re more likely to host guests that speak different languages.

Communication is a great barrier in hospitality. Without understanding their needs you simply can’t serve them best.

A translation device is one of the topmost important hotel technology trends that makes your guests feel connected and enhance customer experience.

This device can save your staff from those awkward moments when they can’t get the hang of what guests want, a translation device comes in.

These translation devices can be effortlessly integrated with guest service softwares. It enables your staff to communicate with any guest in their native language.

Everyone loves being communicated in their native language, and guests feel a different joy when someone non-native greets and communicates with them in their native language.

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7. Robots That Serve

After the hit of COVID-19, robotics technology is being introduced to hotels. In hotels & restaurants where robots serve meals to the guests become highly popular in no time.

Plus, in the hospitality industry robotic technology can also be used for welcoming guests, vacuuming, and cleaning the floor.

It’s quite expensive, but if you position robotics services creatively, guests would love to pay an exorbitant amount.

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The pandemic has upside down the hospitality industry in the beginning.

Thanks to the technology solutions like contactless payment, automated cleaning services, robotics, and room service app that helps hotels to overcome the catastrophe.

In this article, we have introduced you to 5 smart hotel technology trends for hospitality that help your hotel business grow faster.

For catching up with the competition you don’t have to invest in all technology trends.

Analysis of what technology your hotel needs the most can help you take quantum leaps toward growth without breaking the bank.

Don’t forget to take into consideration hotel location, guest persona, guest expectations, pricing, and technologies your competitors are using before taking a decision to invest.