Hostiserver Review : One Of The Best Provider With SSD, Managed Support, Backup, CDN

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Last Updated on August 13, 2018

Website hosting is a major factor nowadays to rank higher on Google search engine, and partners because Google prefers websites that load faster and it helps the bots to find the results for the query.

Website hosting is an important aspect of the website because of numerous reasons, and many of the beginners don’t realize it unless they experience it. We have renewed our hosting accounts many times and tried many hosting providers in the past, and we have experienced Good and Bad side of the hosting services.

Hostiserver Review

We are not able to suggest you the best hosting provider because it varies from customer requirement to features, but we can help you determine if Hostiserver is the right hosting server for your website, or not.

1. Services

This is a company that offers web hosting services to the regular consumers, and they are offering wide-range of website hosting services, and we are going to list them all.

1 – VPS (virtual private server) hosting ($19.95 per month): A server is a more like a computer but dedicated to storing files, and you can buy a virtual space in a server.

2 – Dedicated server hosting ($130 per month): You can buy a dedicated machine, and host your files on it. It will increase the performance, and sites like Amazon and Google use dedicated hosting.

3 – Anycast CDN hosting service (1 GBPS Free): CDN is not a hosting server, but more like a software function that boots your website speed, and increases performance for slower internet connection, and visitors coming from distant countries.

4 – Online Server Backup ($10 per month for 250GB space): Those who are running websites for a long time know the value of backups because the risk of losing data is higher on a website. Unfortunately, phishing, hacking and accidental data wiping can happen at any time. Backup’s option saves you from this accidental or intentional deletion.

Hostiserver designed for which category of website founders?

1: The official team has designed servers for YouTube like website who want to host videos, audio, and other media formats on the website.

2: Internet has become a place to buy, and sell stuff, and they designed their servers for E-commerce website as well. You don’t have to worry about the E-commerce handling because their support team and servers are ready to take on the tasks.

3: If you are a gamer, then you need a website, and then you have to select the right hosting that supports gaming websites, and they have specifically trained their customer support for gamers.

4: If you are Blogger, then you already know that high-end server is extremely important for ranking higher on the Google. Every Blogger should ensure that the website is user-friendly, and it should load faster on the smaller screen using 2G as well. Contact them for queries if you think your website is loading slow.

Bonus Points for New Customers

The company journey has started, and they are offering a bonus for the new customers, and discounts for the old customers.

If you are new customers, then you will get a $150 bonus amount that you can use to continue with the service, and they will help you buy better services from this provider. You can use the bonus credits in upgrades, and get better discounts for your new journey.

Customer Support

The Company has dedicated voice support for the new customers, and existing customers, so you don’t have to worry about getting assistance solving your hosting problem.

The United States of America based Toll-Free number +1-888-67-977-21 connects to the official team of this hosting company, and you can get technical assistance from the professional team.

You don’t have to worry about the timings as well because the official management has decided to provide 24/7 support so that you can get assistance anytime you need from the professional technical team.

Check out customer support


You can compare the their prices with competitors and also compare the data security because they promises better data security than other companies. Let us know what do you think about the Hostiserver in the comment section below.

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