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robot vaultAs most of Android versions don’t come with inbuilt app lock feature because of which we have to download a 3rd party app to do so some of these types of apps are of no use because they are heavy and affects the processing of the device, they affect the response time of the locked apps. Only a few apps lock applications are there which do their job without affecting the device performance, and Hexlock is one of those apps. Hexlock is an application through which users can lock the apps and can also hide videos and images.

Exploring Hexlock

image1Hexlock is a free app which is developed by Liquidum Limited. It is less than 7Mbs and supports Android version 4.0.3 and upper versions. Helock is the different app, and there are some features which make Hexlock above from other apps lock applications and let us highlight these points in front of our readers.
Why is Hexlock different?

There are many things which make it different, read below points carefully to know the answer of the above question.

1. Photo Vault: It is a two in one app which can be used in hiding of photos and videos. There is no need to download a separate app to hide private videos and images.

secure pics

2. Advanced App Lock features: It comes with some advanced features to lock apps of the device. Users can select apps quickly which they want to lock, or they can even lock all the apps with a single click.

advanced ones

3. Different mode: Different mode or we can say different profile features are available in the app. And users can activate each mode according to the requirement. For example, users can enable Parental mode in which they can lock important apps like Gmail, browser, etc. and can make games lock free so that their children always open games only.

modes to selectFor different places, there are different modes, in fact, users can change the name of the modes according to the requirements.

4. Latest technology: Hexlock also supports the latest technology and also supports fingerprint scan to lock and unlock the apps. But it supports limited numbers of devices. Users can also use pin and pattern to unlock the apps.

finger print scanner5. Automatic Lock: Hexlock also comes with automatic apps lock features because of which apps can automatically get locked when the device gets connected with Wi-Fi.

auto enabler6. Prevents Apps Uninstallation: Whenever uninstallation is requested Hexlock asks for the password and also asks for the password whenever users want to enter the settings of the device.

7. Lock Screen Customization: Users can customize the apps lock screen according to themselves. They can set colour of the screen.

Final Verdict

We hope now you all know why Hexlock is different? Let us now highlight some positive and negative things about the Hexlock app.


There are many pros associated with it, and we will highlight few of those only due to words limit.

1. It is a free app.

2. The Hexlock application is very fast and responsive. It does not affect the working (in terms of multitasking) of a device.

3. It comes with some unique features like different modes for different places, automatic app lock (when connected to WIFI), etc.

4. It is a two in one app as it also supports images and video hiding.

5. It prevents app uninstallation which is the very helpful feature.

6. It is the latest one in the play store that supports new fingerprint scanning technology to unlock the app (for limited supported devices only).


Few negative things are there which we would like to highlight are as follows:

1. It is a free app but on the cost of ads also the screen shot option will be temporarily disabled.

As you all can see from above points, it is a light app which is packed with dozens of different and helpful features, and you should download it once and should experience these features.

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