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In the era of digital transformation, it has become a vital need to bring your business online. With the help of the internet, one can even trade in different countries sitting at home. Only physical boundaries are left between the countries.

However, in this swiftly improving technology, one cannot grow if the business is not promoted online. Many people spend a lot of money on creating a user-friendly website for their business. But in today’s scenario, having a business website only is not enough.

One needs to have a presence on social media which has become a great marketing platform. Do you know which is the most widely used social media platform? Yes, it is Facebook!

Facebook has more than 1 billion daily active users. This number is the testimony of the platform’s power. If you use it in the right way, it can be of great help to your business.

There are so many ways to promote a business online on Facebook. Therefore, for a newbie in the market, it can be tough to know where to start. So, if you are also the one having a small business and want online growth using Facebook, this article might help you.

Make a Facebook business page

First of all, you should make a Facebook business page. You won’t be able to mark your presence in the market with your personal profile only. Having a Facebook business page adds to the legitimacy and the credibility of your business.

One formula that remains common for all the social media platforms to engage the audience is posting relevant and attractive content. Therefore, add amazing pictures, videos, that portray your business properly and positively.

One thing which I have noticed in many Facebook business pages is that the motto of their company and what they do remains unclear to the visitor. This mostly happens with those who deal in services. It remains pretty clear in the case of a product selling page.

Therefore, the information should be given in such a way that the visitor clearly understands the agenda of the page and what the business provides to the audience.

Once you create your own business page, share it as much as you can amongst your contacts. Improve the reach of your page and make more and more potential customers like your page.

Engaging content will help you improve your page’s presence

There are chances that the content you publish on your business page does not reach the news feeds of most people. However, it is very important to post engaging and attractive content regularly on your wall.

There is a reason behind it. There are many people who sometimes use Facebook as a search engine. Therefore, it is very important to keep your page updated and post regularly. Your page won’t hold the audience without good photos and videos.

Obviously, the reach of your page will improve if you will post engaging content regularly. I suggest you use hot topics on social media and use them to create posts accordingly (you need to be very creative for this). This can be very helpful in increasing the organic shares of your post.

You can also share behind the scene photos and videos, the company’s insider talks (of course not the financial ones), creative graphics of discounts, offers, etc.

Join different Facebook groups

Facebook groups are an amazing place where you can grow your business in the right manner. There are many groups on Facebook related to different genres.

For example, there are groups related to news stories of a particular region, there are groups of different photographers, groups of various media professionals, etc.

You can find different groups in accordance with your business. Join the groups using your personal Facebook account and participate in the conversations.

The more you become a part of these conversations, the more you will be recognized and people will reach out to you. Then you can tell about your business. Word of mouth marketing is always more credible and reliable if supported with other factors including online presence.

But do not try to promote your business in the group’s conversations. It is better to provide genuine information to the co-members of these groups rather than promoting your business.

Once you get recognition in the group, people will automatically reach out to you.

Promoting your page is really important

Promoting your Facebook business page is very important. Only Facebook won’t help your posts reach the maximum number of people. You will also have to make efforts.

Here is how you can promote your Facebook page. 

  • When you create your page, Facebook gives you an option to invite friends to like your page. Use this feature as much as you can.
  • Put links to all your social media profiles on your website (including Facebook).
  • Use your personal Facebook account to shift the audience to your business page.
  • You can add links to your Facebook business page in your e-mail signature.
  • Add your page’s info on your business cards.
  • Share your page posts with your friends on different social media platforms. The motto is to make your page reach a larger audience.

Use WordPress plugins

If you have less time to post on your Facebook page, you can take the help of WordPress. Share your website’s blogs on Facebook. Use the auto plugins of WordPress. It will automatically post the blog on your Facebook page.

This will ease your task of posting on your own. However, do not forget to post creative content on your page because that is what holds the audience. This will also help you shift the traffic from your Facebook page to your website.

Facebook allows links from other platforms

This is a major benefit that Facebook provides. However, this is not possible on Instagram as one can only add a link in the bio section.

But the scenario is different on Facebook. It allows links to other platforms in captions, information section, comment section. You can also create a post on Facebook with links to other websites.

Therefore, you can add links to other social media platforms, your own websites, landing pages of different discount offers on your website, etc.

Also, do not forget to add an attractive call to action captions with your Facebook posts.

Facebook ads

If you have the budget to spend on digital marketing, then you can invest some money on Facebook ads. These ads look like normal posts. However, these reach a larger number of audiences and you get to know the insights of the posts.

Facebook tells you the paid reach and organic reach of your promoted posts. Facebook tools allow you to target a specific audience.

Try Facebook Live

This can be another helpful tool to promote your business. Launching a new product or service of your brand on Facebook Live can be a great idea. However, this will only work if you have a large and loyal audience. The Facebook Live sessions undoubtedly let you make a better connection with your audience.

Collaborate with people and other businesses

This is another great idea for promoting your business. You can collaborate with a renowned personality or a business that has a large audience on Facebook. Ask them to collaborate with your brand and promote it.

Many social media influencers earn money from collaborations only. Therefore, if you have the budget, you should go for it.

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Manav Bansal is working as a Creative Content Writer at FourModules for the last two years. He has been writing on various topics related to education, social media trends, digital marketing, and lifestyle. Other than this, he loves to write about health and technology.

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