So if you found Copyscape quite costly and ineffective, Here’s presenting some of the awesome FREE alternatives to Copyscape to ensure you of less plagiarism of your articles.

Plagiarism is one of the very popular trends in most of the people. If you still don’t know about it, here’s what it means :

“Plagiarism is a punitive offense of purloining a piece of work initially created by someone else and presenting it as one’s own original creation. It can be with respect to any form of art.”

So why are we stating that plagiarism is one of the most popular? Because people are lazy enough to create their own articles. Therefore, the ultimate key to success aka Copy Paste has been quite popular among bloggers.

If you have used Copyscape for once, you would soon observe that most of the features are locked as you need a paid or get yourself a premium account, so keeping that in mind we are showcasing some of the top anti-plagiarism websites that will help you track plagiarism among the web.

1. Plagium

So we chose plagium at the pole position because it’s completely free and along with that you can track up to 25,000 words. Simply put your words in the box provided in the home of the website and it will detect some malicious activities if it is done. Along with that, you can attach a file too, to check out its plagiarism.

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2. DupliChecker

Well it hosts the same features of Plagium, but its predictability is said to be more than of Plagium. Users can attach a docx or txt file to scan it and find it’s plagiarism rate. And the best thing, you aren’t opted for a account thus anyone can use the tool free.

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3. CopyGator

If you still didn’t love the services of the above too, you can stick to Copygator.  It provides one with a free service of monitoring one’s RSS feed and sending him a notification whenever his content is been stolen.

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You can also check out this advanced plagiarism detector to further cross-check your article’s genuinity.