If you are a person using wired headphones, you know how terribly inconvenient it is to use them, especially when they get tangled in your bag! Oh God, its a nightmare!!

Even when you connect them to your phone, there is a heavy risk that your phone might fall if you are careless about your headphone.

So why do people still use these? There is only one reason. They are available at a cheap price.

In that light, apart from a slightly higher price, the wireless headphones offer a very different experience and it should not be missed.

So what are all the things that you must consider before buying your next pair of headphones? Here is a list:

Quality Of Sound:

Apparently, there is a stereotype that only Audiophiles should be concerned about the sound quality of headphones. But that is not the case. Since you will be spending some good amount of money on this, check out the sound quality of the headphone you wish to buy is of paramount importance.

Nowadays there are a lot of high-quality headphones which are equipped with state of the art technology. Bluetooth was never meant for high-quality audio transmission and the headphones which use this technology often produce compressed sound quality.

In the newest form of technology used in headphones, the audio quality is more like the ones used in CDs. A simple trick guides this process. Both the headphones and its supporting equipment are created keeping in mind the importance of sound quality.

Comfort And Size Considerations:

These areas are of prime concern if you are looking for an ideal wireless headphone. Many users wear their headphones for hours together in a day, Thus the size of the headphone and its level of comfort must be considered well.

Of course, there are many people for whom the style of the headphone is also important. Fo such people in addition to size and comfort, the style is a crucial point of consideration. If the headphones do not look good, they will simply not sell.

Generally, there are three types of wireless headphones. In-ear, on-ear, and over-ear.

Though in-ear sounds very self-explanatory, this is one area which involves a lot of innovation. There are many companies which are trying to come up with some more options and choices in this segment.

Pairing and Control Options:

If you are used to using wired headphone, you are sure to be used to controlling things like the volume, pause and play button with the help of the physical buttons. Wireless headphones are very different in this regard.

Many of the wireless headphones available in the market these days come along with control buttons on the earpiece themselves. Though a few still have physical buttons, the majority of them have touch system on them. Additionally, there are a few that can be controlled by voice and external apps.

Though it may not cross your mind now, the control method and style is of crucial importance. For instance, there might be some controls which might not be ideal for gym-goers, whereas there can be others which are made only for such people.

Battery Requirements:

For those who are used to wired headphones, the concept of headphone battery life can be a very alien idea. However, if you are considering buying these headphones, then you must consider the battery life of these.

Most of the wireless headphones provide good battery life for a few hours so you can use them quite conveniently for a few hours before putting them up for a charge again. However, some users require an extended battery life, for such users, it is advisable to do a little in-dept research of the various options available in the market to meet their needs.

One also needs to consider the time required for charging the wireless headphones. Yes, if you do forget to put up your wireless headphone for a charge after coming back from work, then you will not be able to use them for some time or the next day.

Price Consideration:

This is perhaps the determining factor while buying wireless headphones. Very much like the other things in life, good quality wireless headphones will require some good amount of money.

If you wish to buy wireless headphones with great noise cancellation features, advanced technology, a great design, amazing sound quality, then you have to pay some fair amount of money to meet up those requirements.

Lastly, the two most popular wireless headphones out there are Sony WH-1000xm3 and Bose QC35 II. Do check it out and if you get confused, check out this comparison of Sony WH-1000xm3 vs Bose QC35 II.

Keeping all these crucial factors in mind, it will be easy for you to make your call about a wireless headphone which is ideal for you.

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