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What used to be an application for children has now emerged to be a powerful social media platform where people could connect, sell, create content for audiences, and network. Now, Instagram has more than 200 million members who are actively posting, following, and liking. It has even become more popular than Facebook.

Instagram started on the year 2010 as a minimalist app for posting videos and images. Few months after it was introduced to the social media world, it became popular. People get updated about the daily, if not, typical lifestyle and whereabouts of their favourite celebrities. Instagram has become a trend since its launch and has been a popular means to connect and be updated with their favourite brands, stores, celebrities, loved ones, influencers, and other interests. Images uploaded by users underwent careful consideration (choosing the proper lighting, venue, angle, and filter), and editing so that they would be visually appealing and “Instagrammable.”

Instagram was acquired by Facebook years back, which explains some similar features between Facebook and Instagram. However, Instagram, despite the added features like messaging, etc. successfully retained its strength, which is telling stories through pictures, which is not the major strength of other social media platforms.

Now, an Instagram User must be able to attract a lot of followers, and this could be done through the famoid’s instagram followers and your engagement and being visible on the site. To do this, one must take into consideration the small details, like the captions on the uploaded post, the hashtags to be used, the contents of the profile, and so on. One must have a social strategy so that one becomes Insta-famous.

Here are your hacks to be Insta-famous.

First, create an eye-catching bio. Since you are provided with one clickable link, utilize it to the utmost. Create an alluring landing page with either an interesting video, an interesting offer on your products, or anything that might hook them up. One more thing, your landing page must be friendly for mobile users since the majority of Instagram users access their IG through their mobile phones. So the contents of your landing page must be concise but irresistible. Also, make sure that you write your well-defined contact details. After optimizing your bio-link, you’ll be good to go.

Second, choose your best stories to feature on your highlights. This way, people will be drawn to visiting and returning to your profile repeatedly.

Third, create substantial content. Your account must have a theme and a unique flavor that sets it apart from the rest. It must have an edge and a feature that it’s uniquely yours. It must be aesthetically pleasing. Being consistent is also important. You should post as much as you can and you must be hands-on and intentional in posting and promoting your profile. Posting as much as you can boosts engagement and visibility, hence attracting more followers. The lesser you post, the lesser visibility. One missed post could lose several potential followers.

Consistency also has something to do with your account being consistent with the message you want to throw out to the world. This means the theme of your account must be able to entice your target population or audience. It is not wise to create general and haphazard content. It is important to make trendy ones, but it is more crucial to post contents that target a specific audience.

Fourth, make sure to upload visually appealing posts or images. The Instagram audience loves to follow a User that posts stories that are clear, have good colour schemes, and are original. It is important to use a gadget with a high-definition camera, or if not, get a camera with good shots then edit your pictures in apps or software. Nobody loves to see blurred pictures or low-quality images. Make sure your shots are Instagram-worthy or in their terms, “Instagrammable.”

Fifth, use branded hashtags. When an Instagram user and a prospective follower come across you through your best uploads. Use catchy campaign hashtags that are frequently used, this will surely bring their attention to you. Write hashtags that are related or specific to the type of industry you belong to and offer or that fits your content so that those interested in your industry will be able to easily search you and eventually follow you. Avoid the hashtags #follow me or #followforfollow, they do not get you the right followers and they have been proven ineffective in attracting followers.

Sixth, avoid being shadow-banned. Be wary of banned hashtags so that you won’t use them. Use the appropriate hashtags sparingly.

Seventh, be truly hands-on. Search for the most discussed hash tags and join the bandwagon. Comment on other users’ posts, and reply to comments on your posts. Do as far as interacting in your competition’s pages. This is building your connection with others and can eventually win their hearts as your followers.

Eighth, use feisty hashtags or captions. Do away with common, predictable, and obviously copy-pasted ones. Make your captions and hashtags amusing and thought-provoking. While copying and pasting captions may not be avoided, always put your personal touch on them. Do not make them too long, but make them concise, captivating, but tell a wonderful story.

Ninth, use a shout-out from an influencer you know, but you can go as far as paying for their shout-out. This is necessary if you want to gain a whole lot more followers. You can also collaborate with a popular social media influencer in your posts.

Tenth, promote, promote, promote! Promote your Instagram on other social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, and other platforms. You must get your name out there when you’re not on Instagram. You can do many tactics for this, like when you have posted on Facebook, you do not forget to mention your Instagram or your brand or write it as part of the caption. Many content creators do this at the end of their vlogs, mentioning their account names in other platforms like Instagram, and it is very effective.


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