Ever wanted to write Spectacular, Breathtaking and Amazing content like CopyBlogger? Want to write like Jon Morrow, with an amazing ability to play with your emotions? From making you sob to laugh? Always want to woo your readers?

What do you think? Writing content like Copy Blogger is damn hard? In fact, it’s just the opposite. As said by Napoleon Hill—‘If you can’t do Great Things, do Simple Things in a Great Way’. Like great themes are based on frameworks, great content lies on great format and structure of the post. Great posts all over the web are based on a similar type of format, which many blogger fail to do so.

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So here’s an in-depth article on how to write great content. Note- Before you proceed, note that all the points are one-after-another in hierarchy form and should be written in this manner only.


Title is like the face of your article. People will make decision either to read or not the article on the base of the title itself. AS David Ogilvy says, ‘People read five times the headline than the content’; so it’s important to make your headline attractive and impactful.

The main role of title is to attract readers; which have been heavily optimized by authority blogs like Copy Blogger. You would find their headlines as catchy and seductive and force the readers to read the article. Moreover, this whole format is inter-connected. If the format is the plant, then title is the root . From the title, starts the chain.


After getting attracted towards the article, now they would start reading your article (at last!). Chances are like you have got 5 seconds or 3-4 sentences to impress them. This is where many blogger falls into. Though most of them focus on the headline, they forget to emphasis on the opening. After convincing them to read the article through the headline, you ought to help them do so.

You can express your opening in many forms such as question or some information, but you have to be careful with what you start with. The starting paragraphs should be seducing enough to force them to real the whole content. Openings of Jon Morrow are one of the best examples of openings.


After giving your readers’ a momentum, it’s your duty to engage them on-track. Your flow of words should be appropriate such that readers should get engaged to it. Your body should contain all the main information behind writing the post. The solution to your readers’ problems should be well illustrated here.

If the content is the plant, then body can be well-said as the STEM. Ending Well, this is where most of the bloggers doesn’t pay attention to. Imagine that you are playing Flappy Birds. You have broken your own best record, then going for a staggering world-record, and all-of-a-sudden your phone gets shut off! God-damn anger, isn’t it?

All of us want happy-endings rather than incomplete endings. They are like the desserts which add up to the meal (Content). The ending can be expressed in many ways. You can even summarize the whole content in the last-paragraph or ask for their opinions on how hey solve the ‘xyz’ problem.

Most of time, bloggers have been using to subscribe to their blog , or share them on social media. Well, the format part is over, but there’s something else that bloggers need to focus on.

#1 Use Proper Images

A picture speaks a thousand of words. Also, images again reflect much about the post. So you need to take care of that. Use bigger and larger images which capture visitors’ minds instantly. For the best pictures you can try gettyimages, though most of the pictures are watermarked, pro version isn’t, so it is advised to go for the pro version.

#2 Using Subheading

A recent study has revealed that most of the people skim through the article rather than reading it. Most of the bloggers don’t know this, hence get failed. Sub headings should be written in bold letters to capture attention instantly. Also, the visitors are much likely to have less time to read the whole post, subheading helped them what to read and what not.

#3 No Grammatical Mistakes

If you want to write content like CopyBlogger, then you have to avoid grammatical errors. All of the authority bloggers have no grammatical mistakes at all (like ProBlogger). There’s various plugins and software out there.

So choose the best one for you, which fits your needs.


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  1. These days people don’t have much time to read so they want maximum things in the form of video and images , so using good images work good for the website and it put impact on the Reader’s too.

  2. Hello Sayantan,
    The first thing that pulls anybody to your blog, is your title. So writing great content starts with great title… a catchy title will indeed go a long way than expected 🙂

    Ahhh…. the body and image shouldn’t be underestimated because they are the core factor to any blog.

    Be smart, avoid silly mistakes and be creative… those are the things that forms a classic post.

    Thanks for the lovely post and do have a blessed week ahead….

    • Sayantan Mahato Reply

      Hi Baba Nature,

      I’m so glad that you took your time out to visit our blog. Thanks a lot for your kind and valuable words.


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