Marketing can be difficult, especially when it comes to tracking and communicating with clients. As a result, more and more marketers are expanding their text messaging approach by incorporating automation into their operations. This transition to automated text messaging opens the door to providing clients with more customized and highly relevant text.

Using SMS automation is a great way to send appointment reminders, payment receipts, and thank you messages to your customers. Furthermore, SMS marketing automation can help to save time, be more efficient, and communicate faster with your customers.

In this post, you will learn about the benefits of SMS marketing automation and how to use it to improve your company.

Use Promotional Campaigns to Engage Clients

Personalize your SMS campaign efforts to improve client engagement and get a 29% clickthrough rate in conjunction with other promotions. As the statistics show, SMS promotions are opened and used.

Here are some ideas for promotional campaigns:

  1. Encourage customers to buy identical or similar items.
  2. Reminding consumers about abandoned carts.
  3. Sending Christmas promotions
  4. Customers’ notifications about VIP or special deal
  5. Letting clients know about you and your company

Send Follow-ups and Alerts to Customers for Important Updates

Send messages with automated text messages service to your users to make sure they don’t miss important notes, information, or instant alerts, such as:
  1. Reminders for events and appointments (‘Your appointment is tomorrow!’)
  2. Confirmations (‘Thank you for signing up! Please confirm.’)
  3. Re-stock notifications or flash sales (‘Your item is back in stock. Buy it now!’)

Sending automated text messages to your internal employees can also be beneficial. For example, suppose a user completes testing of your product but fails to modify it. When the trial is complete, notify your sales staff so they can follow through and close the business.

Allow Clients to Give Feedback Via Text Messages

Text messaging is an excellent technique for improving two-way communication with clients. Consider private text messages: they are all about two-way communication. However, SMS is often limited to providing single, one-way broadcasts to everyone in a business.

So far, the benefits of allowing users to provide comments and replies via text messaging have been overlooked. Text message automation for two-way communication can help you build deeper relationships and gather insights and business analytics.

Sending and receiving SMS can be as simple as:

  • Poll survey or poll distribution
  • Inviting clients for one-on-one sessions
  • Follow up with customers after completing the service

Send Reminders About Abandoned Transactions and Limited-Time Offers

Users are dynamic, and their attention is limited. If there is a better deal in your online store, they will stay. However, it has been found that winning a new client is six times more expensive than maintaining an existing one, and seven out of ten visitors leave without buying anything.

The open rate of SMS is 98%, so sending timely reminders about abandoned transactions motivates clients to complete them. In addition, you can customize your automatic reminder scheduling to suit your needs, and you can add discounts or limited-time offers via SMS to further attract customers.

Before starting with SMS marketing automation, consider where, when, and how your customers want to hear from you. If the above guide can help automate and improve your SMS marketing, you’ve got the basics of an automation plan.