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YouTube is one of the ambitious ways to gain a foothold in the world of entertainment. Gone are the days, when only celebrities were followed. Celebrities used to monetize over their personal lives as well. However, a lot has happened in the digital world. And, it has happened quite fast. Marketing yourself is quite easy today. And, more and more people wanting to celebrities, are taking assistance from youtube. However, getting subscribers and views is not so easy. You have to create great content and market it to the right audience. Now, you need to incorporate a youtube seo strategy that will make your channel more visible.

A Comprehensive Content Strategy

There was a time when written content had great importance. However, now your content has to include blogs, e-books, podcasts, videos amongst many others. Technology is changing each day. Over 50 % of digital marketers are utilizing videos more than before. Today, you will know how to optimize your YouTube videos. You will be amazed to know, that users are grabbing at least 1 billion watch hours each day. You should know how youtube SEO works.

There are various strategies and tools, that you need to utilize today. They are:

  • Renaming your videos, using the right keywords. Firstly, you ought to identify a suitable keyword. It should be in line with your niche market. YouTube can actually read the file name and related keywords. It comes much before, the tag usage part. The rest of the SEO compliance factors come later.
  • Don’t force your keyword into the video title. When you search for a video, how do you look for it? YouTube gives a lot of importance to Titles. The title of your video needs to be compelling and attractive. It should emulate your content. This is one of the most basic tactics that you can use. However, using keyword-rich titles and file names won’t catapult you to the top.
  • Video Description is as important. Google has mandated the official character limit to 1,000 characters. However, that does not mean, you should write an essay. Even if you choose to write a long description, YouTube will only display 100 characters. The viewer has to click on ‘Show more’, to discover the remaining information. So, it will be wise for you to put the CTA in the first few lines. Your youtube SEO strategy is important to get more views and subscribers.
  • Tags come next. You must already be doing this, right? Tag your video with popular keywords. You are not attracting just viewers with this; you are also informing YouTube. YouTube knows how to associate your videos with similar content. This can help you to reach a wider audience. However, abstain from using irrelevant tags. Google might penalize you.
  • Categorization is also important. Try to incorporate categories. It will help you to forge ahead with a well-thought-out youtube SEO. After uploading your video, you need to head to Advanced settings. Look at what the top creators are doing today. Even, if you have a full-proof plan, you might be side-lined by YouTube itself. They have a team that looks after the various categories. They can even change the category, and you may not know about it.
  • Thumbnails are another important feature that can make or break your channel’s visibility. It is the main image that viewers see when they browse through content or search. Custom thumbnails can attract the audience like anything.
  • Lastly, create an End screen. It is as important as the last few features. If you want to draw the right target audience, this is inevitable. You can incorporate end screens within the last 5-20 seconds of the video. You can list out non-YouTube content, merchandise, and campaigns. Moreover, other playlists and content can also be used there.

There are numerous ways to engage the audience. You may have great content. However, if you just started out, you may not have that reach. Having said that, you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours annually, to monetize your channel. If you want to do that, utilize the strategies listed above. Once, you incorporate these, your video comes amongst the first few, on related searches. Get more subscribers on board.



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