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When you buy your first gaming PC, you get confronted with numerous thoughts like which brand is good? Or what type of configuration to look for in the first Gaming PC? and some wonder how much should they spend on it? We try to answer all the queries in this write-up to help you purchase your first gaming PC.

The technological advancement in the gaming arena has boggled the minds of gamers when it comes to selecting the best brand in gaming PC. If this is your first time buying a gaming computer, this buying guide would be immensely helpful to you.

Here is what you must do when buying your first gaming PC:

Decide your purpose of getting a gaming PC

You might be wondering what type of question is this? Duh! I need the gaming PC to play games! What we want you to answer is something more detailed. Here is what you need to ponder upon while answering:

  • Are you buying a gaming PC for a particular game, or do you want a generic gaming PC that servers the purpose of letting you play a variety of games?
  • What is your gaming graphic requirement? Do you want an advanced graphic system or a generic one?
  • Are you looking for a future-proof gaming PC that can be upgraded constantly?
  • Would you use the PC for anything else besides playing games? Thinking about streaming videos or video-rendering?

Answers to the questions above would help you keep your list of options short and accurate. Therefore, make sure to answer these questions based on your specific requirement. To get an idea of why the above questions are important, consider these scenarios:

  • If you purchase a gaming PC to play a particularly old game, like Overwatch, you do not need a very advanced configuration like a high-level graphics card. But if you wish you play the latest games, then your gaming PC configuration needs to be progressive.
  • You will need a high-end processor if you plan to multi-task on your gaming PC.

What’s your budget?

This is one of the most critical factors to help you determine the type of gaming PC you should be looking for. The range of gaming PCs can be from AUD 800 to AUD 4000.

Moreover, there are limitless options to accessorize your gaming PC and spend as much as you can. Suppose money is not a matter of concern for you. In that case, the possibilities are endless for you since there are various gaming accessories that you could use to enhance your gaming experience and performance.

However, if you are a wise shopper, then you must decide on a budget for your gaming PC and keep the list of selections limited to that budget.

Make a list of the essential hardware required for your gaming needs

Once you have decided on the budget you can spend, the next equally important stage is deciding what type of hardware is best for you. If you are not a hardware geek, you might have to find an easier way to do so. Here is what you can do.

Make a list of the games you are planning to play on your gaming PC. Then check the hardware specs for these games. You should be looking for GPU specifications, processor, RAM, CPU, etc.

Listing the minimum requirements would help you choose your gaming PC easily.

Get familiar with popular gaming PC brands

Your gaming requirement, budget, specs would all be consolidated in one specific list, and then finally, you will have to choose a gaming PC brand. It is important to note that any brand can fulfill all the above requirements. However, knowing these brands would help you understand their expertise.

Some popular gaming PC brands are Corsair, CyberPowerPC, Alienware, MSI, HP, and Dell. These brands have built their reputation based on continued expertise in the gaming PC world. Their products are tried and tested before getting launched into the marketplace. Therefore, you can expect to get a reliable gaming PC when you contemplate choosing from such brands.

Final Words

Getting your first gaming PC can be an overwhelming experience. However, with the cost implications of a gaming PC, you need to perform due diligence before making the final selection. Hopefully, you find the guidelines mentioned in this write-up useful in buying your first gaming PC.


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