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Today everyone looks through websites. Every person searches for the necessary information in the internet dimension. The thing, which differs all that people in this process, is the UX and UI design. Was the encounter with the certain website easy and pleasant or it was an annoying struggle with appearing windows, advertisement and alerts? People, creating websites must concern about the user’s experience in the first place.

Obviously, a good site is a key and one of the vital parts in the entrepreneurial sphere. Good interaction with a website stimulates people to work with it again and consequently with the company.

Though it’s obvious that to take all the considerations about usability, good elements position, color combinations is hard. Moreover, we need to think about the understandable and clear structure on each step of the users’ cooperation with the site. Of course if you have no idea of a design creation process, it wouldn’t be easy as you would have to think about coding part either. In this case, you would perfectly suit Website Builders. Further, we’re going to speak about one of them.

Mobirise Bootstrap WYSIWYG Editor follows all the necessary UX and UI requests. Besides, you will find in it all the essential elements of today’s trends.

The main idea of modern design is the dynamic and brisk effect upon the users. All elements must draw attention and be expressive. On another hand, all parts of the design must be presented as a good compounded structure with a very precise hierarchy in all its aspects. It’s not a very easy task but good web builders can do it.

Expressive Design in Mobirise

Recently Mobirise Bootstrap WYSIWYG Editor issued IndustryM4 template. It’s a bright and colorful template, where some images and pictures are located in rectangles. Users can see them during the hovering. When you hover a big image, it increases slowly and then goes back to normal. It creates the effect of the interaction with a user. Also, some images are located behind the others, which are put on the big background pictures.

This mass creates dynamic and moving effects. In this template, you would see the bright yellow color in combination with dark shades. Moreover, the horizontal text is combined with the vertical lines. This mess, consisting out of collaborating elements, creates the firm structure and vivid layout. So as you can see IndustryM4 template satisfies the main requirement of today’s design.

Bootstrap 4 Framework Support

Mobirise Bootstrap WYSIWYG Editor works as you could guess on the bootstrap platform. Now we are going to discuss the bootstrap platform’s advantages.

The bootstrap platform the speed of the development process and helps to save your efforts. Also, in Mobirise Bootstrap Builder you can create automatically responsive websites. Bootstrap works with a 12 columns system, which is the firm grid. It easily accommodates to the other layouts.

Besides, the created design would look good on all the browsers. It provides a certain consistency. Moreover, the bootstrap system is very flexible, so you can create a website in the way you want and add the features you need the most.

WYSIWYG and Code Editor

Among the other pluses of Mobirise, we could highlight the WYSIWYG editor. It’s the visual process of creating the website. In Mobirise’s settings, you can see all the necessary elements, which you need to add or transform to acquire the desired result. It’s super useful as you can see the outcome.

Also, in Mobirise Website builder you can find Code Editor.

Editor is one of the most useful extensions in the app. It offers you to deal with the code and see the result in the program coordinately. You wouldn’t need to publish the project and change the code manually. It’s possible to bring changes and see the result within a minute.

Mobirise works offline and it’s free

Among the main Mobirise’s opportunities and possibilities, we could point out that the application works offline. The internet connection is needed only during the installation, extensions activation and the publication to the server. It’s very convenient if you travel a lot for example. One of the most noticeable advantages is that Mobirise is totally free.

Off course the app has some paid extensions and themes but it’s not necessary to buy them. You would find the same elements and options in the free templates either. Also, it’s possible to publish your website directly to your server from the app. Moreover, you can publish the project to your desktop and change its code completely in the way you want.

Now, we’ve listed all the main peculiarities and advantages of Mobirise Bootstrap WYSIWYG Editor. Don’t hesitate to check out this app. Remember, it’s totally free.

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