Google’s Mobilegeddon–How Will it Impact YOU


The Google’s Mobilegeddon – How will it impact you

World Wide Web shares many similarities with our own world. Empires waging war over the global dominance, unexpected alliances, conspiracies and old lovers separated, we can find them all online. Nowadays, we have a chance to add apocalyptic visions to that list. We are of course talking about the Mobilegeddon, an event that was destined to change the web forever. But, let us start from the beginning.

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The story of Mobilegeddon

And in the beginning, there was a web, and web searches were conducted by users from their personal computers. At some point that changed and now majority of people searches the web through mobile devices. Mobilegoddon is the nickname for Google’s policy of boosting search visibility of mobile-friendly websites and penalizing the others, in response to this situation. This idea came to life on April 21, 2015, when Google’s new mobile-friendly search algorithm was unleashed.

What are the consequences of Mobilegeddon?

All of this is hardly apocalyptic and nobody had to be prophet to see it coming, since the smartphones are around here even since the 2007, which is a lifetime in terms of technology, but still, 50% of websites are not optimized for access from mobile device and we are not talking only about the small players. Mobilegeddon impacts over 40% of Fortune 500 websites and if you are asking yourself how, effectively, lesser visibility denies them traffic, which is blood running through website’s veins. Profit drops are inevitable.

Surviving the Mobilegeddon

This policy may seem hard-handed at first glance, but if you think what will be the outcome it will make sense to you. Basically, Google is forcing everyone to spare website visitors from tiresome panning and zooming and to make whole buying process easier, thus increasing their own revenue. That’s why your policy should be to join their vision. SEO strategies need to focus on mobile conversions more than ever and every business that wants to thrive should start thinking about mobile-friendly advertisements with whole heart and soul.

Necessary steps

Here are few steps you should take to make your website mobile-friendly:

  1. Chose the strategy you want to use: There are several ways of reaching the mobile users. One of them is by creating an app which is always a good idea if you can afford one. Ask the user to download the app in a banner at the top of the page, never through some pop up that blocks further access. Other way is to create separate website for mobile users, but Google’s recommendation is to make your original website adaptable for all devices through responsive design and you should listen what The Boss says.
  2. Use intuitive web-design: Shrinking your website to fill smaller screen just doesn’t cut it. You should go for the website design that’s created with 5-inch touchscreen in mind. Make text visible enough by using large font and your content digestible in short reading sessions. Website menus should be designed to be thumb-friendly and you should definitely try to avoid including any software or multimedia format that’s not usable on all relevant mobile platforms.
  3. Run the diagnostics: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test will be your judge and jury, so be sure to avoid pitfalls, such as blocking the JavaScript, mobile 404s, faulty redirects and inaccessible content and know how to resolve those issues if they occur. Fortunately, once the Googlebot successfully crawl your website and the pages are indexed you will not have to wait for the next update to be considered mobile-friendly.

Bottom line is that all the cards are on the table for quite some time now and all you can do is to use them in best way possible. You don’t have to be great gambler to see that optimizing your website for visitors coming from mobile devices will give you the best odds.

Nate M. Vickery is a marketing and internet marketing consultant from Sydney, Australia. In recent years he fell in love with website design and development thanks to local creative digital agency Infinity Technologies, and is aiming to synergize those skills in one awesome job. Aside from work he enjoys a good Aussie football game and an occasional surf.

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