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Everything We Know About Google Nexus 6 (Rumors & Speculations)

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2014)

Anticipating for the next Google Nexus 6?

Worlds greatest irony–is that even if I give you the freedom of choosing any phone, you won’t be able to choose one.

Simply, because of the diversity of phones to choose from. There’s Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, Huawei, Ascend, Lenovo and much more..(the list is never-ending). Buying a Google Nexus 6 surely is a tough job.

But, with the increasing number of phones getting released year-after-year, only a few phones make it to the top. And, rest? Just get into the history books. But, there have been an exception–for Apple and Nexus products. There’s very few products from either of them not getting popular.

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The reason–in the case of Apple, they release relatively less iDevices than it competitors, and focus at one device at a time, same goes for Google’s Nexus too. Though, Nexus don’t come from a specific company. It’s up to Google, it went for ASUS, then Samsung, then LG and might even go for HTC too!

Nexus simply speaks for simplicity–moreover, a synonym to simplicity. Nexus devices usually are pure, un-touched by bloatwares, fully-AOSP phone. And the best part is–it’s getting more awesome day-by-day. Last from Google was–Nexus 5–which stormed the market with heavy buyouts in quick hours of launch.

SO What lies in store for Google Nexus 6? Let’s see:

Google Nexus 6 Specifications (Rumors)

Google is known for it’s perfection and simplicity. They look into every specification from display to camera to processor. Google loves to give surprises (we wonder what will be this time!).

Display— It is widely believed that Google will indeed go for a 5 inch display, as most of the phones in the market (available today) are based on a 5 inch display. Exception being iPhone, where Apple still stick for 4.5–4.7 inch displays. Though there have been rumors of iPhone 6 getting a 5 inch display.

Looking at history, Nexus are usually a trend-setter; we might see a change in display (as google loves to take risks).

Also rumored is that it will boast a stunning 2k UHD Display.

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So, basically, 5 Inch Screen + 2K UHD Display = Tons of Awesomeness!

Design— Usually Google doesn’t go for Aluminium body for Nexus devices; but this time Google might act differently!

Google would implement the same Aluminium-body design like the iPhones usually have. Adding a aluminium-body case gives a different professional look; but it certainly will increase the cost. Which may be a downfall–which Google might not want. But going with a plastic one, might even prove costly, as not everyone would like a plastic-coated Google Nexus 6.

Camera–Again, it’s speculated that Google will go for a 20MP camera. Last time, Google went for 8 MP camera, it doesn’t seems possible that Google will take such a big leap. But who knows?

If Google really implements this, then no doubt Google will take a serious lead in the competition again Galaxy and iPhones. 20 MP was last seen in the Sony Xperia Z range, Sony Xperia Z and Sony Xperia Z1.

Ram–If Google indeed goes for all the above specifications, then embedding a 2 GB Ram won’t do good. As in the cast of SGS5, which was heavily criticized. 3 GB Ram would be enough; but going by the rumors (again) there seems to be a 4GB Ram in Google Nexus 6’s kitty–which is just more than enough for true awesomeness.

Processor–Well, a Quad-core processor would be enough, but it’s speculated to boast’s world’s first true octa-core processor. Again, that would be more than enough! (Phew!)

Release Date–Going by the past dates, it is expected that Google Nexus 6 would get launched around November 2014 with a tag of 800$.

Google Nexus 6 or Android Silver?

Again, going by the leaks, it is said that Google will cut off it’s Nexus range and would introduce a new range of pure-android phones: Android Silver.

So we really have to wait for some time to get our this rumor cloud, and get the true specs!

What do you think of Google Nexus 6? What are you expecting of?

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