Adding maps to your site is sometimes very helpful for your readers. Through Maps users can easily reach to your workplace or the place you mentioned quite quickly. That’s why it is also advised to use Google Map on your site. And in this post, we are discussing Google Maps Widget WordPress plugin which can help you to add maps to your site with one click only. Now there is no need to use complex plugins to add Google Maps, you just need to have Google Maps Widget plugin which can install map on your site with one click only. The best part about it is that, unlike other plugins of the same type this plugin does not require any types of technical skills for setup, users can start using it directly(after activating it). Now let us explore more about it in the below part.

Exploring Google Maps Widget

There are various plugins available for Google Maps but it is different, and it is developed by Web Factory Ltd. And Web Factory Ltd. Which Is one of the leading WordPress plugin provider which provides some top class plugins. Now let us have a view at some features of this Google Maps plugin.


Here is a snap of features of it which we took from the official website of Google Maps Widget.

Quick View of Google Maps Widget

As we are saying, it is very easy to install and use it and in this part of the post how to do it. We will tell you how to use it with the help of some snaps. Please note one thing that Pro versions are also available for this plugin and in this post we are covering only free version only.

1. Just search the plugin name in the plugins option, and you will get the following screen. AS you can see you can install it from that screen only.

2. After that, you have to activate it which can be done with a single click only.

3. Now open Widget option which is available in the appearance option.

4. After that click on Google Maps Widget and then click on Add Widget. Have a look at below snap for more idea.

5. After that, you will get the following screen. As you all can see there are many customization options like users can choose the location which they want to display on the map, users can adjust the size of maps, they can also check the types of maps, etc.

6. Here is a snap in which we are choosing the location.

7. Now here is a snap of our map on our Site have a look how it looks like.

Pricing of Google Maps Widget

As you have seen from the above guide, it also has pro versions also. Pro versions of Google Maps Widget have more than 50 plus features like inserting maps between post, inserting multiple locations on a single map, etc. You can check below packages and can choose accordingly to your need.

Final Words

At last, we hope that you will go with Google Maps Widget but still there are some points which we would like to discuss with our readers, which can help them in taking the decision.

Why to go with Google Maps Widget?

Now we will tell you why Google Maps Widget is better for you.

1. You can easily rely on it as it is having more than 100,000 active users. It is free from malware codes which affect the working or security of your site.

2. We did not notice any increase in the load time of our site which is good because most of the plugins of the same type always affect the loading speed of the site.

3. It is easy to install and use plugin. Users can set up maps for their sites in less than 1 minutes.

4. In the free version, large numbers of map customization options are available and users can adjust various display settings like map size, map type, zoom level, map colors, etc.

With this we are wrapping up this post thank you all for reading the Google Maps Widget Review post, and in the case of any doubts, please contact us from the contact section or you can drop comments here.


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