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You might have heard the word Anthos in conversations or seen them while making tech-related researches online. Well, it is not your fault that you felt completely out of place when you saw the words, but don’t worry, this post will tell you a lot about what it means and eh you should seek more knowledge about it.

First, What is Anthos?

Anthos is an application management platform that’s designed to provide consistent development for cloud and on-prem environments as well as guide their operations experience.

google cloud anthos

Computing Environment

The most basic computing environment where Anthos operates relies on GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) and GKE On-prem for the management of all Kubernetes installations available in the application environment. These offerings have a duty to bundle all Kubernetes upstream releases, as well as handle the aspects of management capabilities for the creation, upgrade, and scaling of conformant Kubernetes clusters.

There are two very important parts to kubernetes monitoring including the node components and the control plane. Using the GKE, a Google cloud platform can the control plan. As it stands, there is only one control-plane component that customers can access: Kubernetes API server. The GKE on its own side tries to manage the node components that may appear on the customer’s project with the use of computer engine instances. One interesting part of all these is that with the help of GKE On-Prem, you can host all components in the on-prem virtualization environment of the customer. Yeah! This does not sound that easy as to pay someone to do your homework.

Now, here’s the significance of what we’ve said above: with the installation and proper functioning of Kubernetes, a user can access a common orchestration layer charged with the responsibility of managing application configuration, deployment, upgrade, and scale.

Networking Environment

In other, for Anthos to be in its full functionality, you must make sure that there is an IP connectivity between your GKE and GKE On-Prem clusters. Besides, you also need a GKE On-Prem environment that guarantees Google’s API endpoints reach; specifically, GKE Hub for the registration of clusters and Stackdriver for monitoring.

There are various ways to have your on-prem connected to your GCP environments. The easiest of them starting with the implementation of site-to-site VPN to work with each environment.

Benefits of Anthos Usage

As explained earlier, Anthos is simply a platform that combines distinct services by giving them a platform to work together in pursuit of delivering value across an enterprise. In this section, we will show you how Anthos can be applied to different organizational roles, as well as the benefits that each group will get from its usage.

For Development

This is one of the important areas of Anthos application. Anthos is designed to provide a top-level container management platform that is based on Kubernetes for developers. With the aid of this platform, developers can quickly and more efficiently build container-based applications, as well as have them deployed accordingly.

Significant benefits here include:

The use of throttling and mTLS for code-free protection on services.

Code-free instrumentation of code, providing uniform observability with the use of Stackdriver and Istio.

Provision of basic support for the GCP marketplace, so that it can easily drop the shelf products off into clusters.

For Migration

In this case, Anthos comes with a Migrate option, which gives you the opportunity to use Kubernetes for the orchestration of migrations.

For Operation

Here, Anthos is characterized by the provision of an efficient, centralized, and templatized deployment of clusters all working together to support team operation for quick provision and management of infrastructure that fits into a corporate standard.

Google Cloud Anthos is not as complex as you thought. All you need is a basic understanding of its application and you would be good to go. Most experts undergo courses and take the aws solution architect exam. You too can connect to learn about the potentials open for you in the field of Anthos. Register for a course now.

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