Hey fellow bloggers. Here’s yet another exclusive Giveaway from TechBii, which is 3 Single Site Licences of SEOPressor v5 WordPress plugin. It’s our 3rd Giveaway so far. We had run an awesome giveaway just before and there I got mindblowing support and interactions.

First of all, hearty thanks to Mr. Daniel Tan, who provides me the licence copies for this campaign  who is also the man behind the great plugin SEOPressor.

Update : The giveaway has been completed and the winners are Mujahid Rana (Humor Texts), Thejas Kamath (SayBlogger.com) and Sathyan Raja

Hearty congratulations to all who participated in this giveaway and made it a grand success. It has gained almost 1000 entries and thank you to all other participants. Better luck next time to others as we are going to host so many giveaways in the very future. We have selected the winners with the help of PunchTab. Stay in touch, Cheers.

What is SEOPressor?
Well, SEOPressor is the revolutionary SEO plugin ever invented for WordPress based blogs. It substantially improves your search engine rankings by mentoring each and every way to dominate over competitors.

Why SEOPressor v5?

There might be countless number of SEO Plugins for WordPress. Since we can’t install every plugins, it’s better to have few quality plugins.

So the question is, how do you identify whether a plugin is really worth or not?

Simple, try and experiment yourself. That’s all.

Currently there are over 200 SEO Plugins in the WordPress plugins repository so choosing a single plugin is really a tedious job. Leave the situation, let’s talk about the premium plugins.

When it comes to premium SEO Plugins, there are only few names under the hood. SEOPressor, EasyWPSEO are some of the list. But which to choose and why?

Believe it or not, SEOPressor v5 has increased my traffic up to 190 %.

Follow me, here I’m going to briefly explain the features of SEOPressor v5.

  1. Ultramodern User interface

It Keeps your WordPress dashboard stunning. Its advanced multiprocessing interface let you to optimize your post from the back end

2. Super fast Loading without affecting page speed.

An improperly coded plugin can really ruin your blog’s page speed. Here, SEOPressor is built for enhanced performance, which assures zero lagging while page loading.

3. Advanced Keyword Optimization

Keywords are something which is very important when it comes to SERPs completions. Never let your competitor win the match.

SEOPressor v5 allows you to target 3 main keywords while posting. Play with the keyword. SEOPressor gives you suggestions to properly insert the keywords within the post.

Forget h1, h2, h3 tags while writing, SEOPressor does the job by pointing out your missing options like tags, alt tags in images, keyword density etc.

4. Over Optimization Warning

Did you ever suffer from Panda/Penguin attack due to Keyword stuffing? SEOPressor is for you. It analyses each and every keywords with respect to the compact suitable ratio for optimizations. Warn you when you cross your limits in keyword density and LSI characters.

So, do your job without tension. Write without distraction, it will do the rest.

  1. Mind blowing Support and Knowledge Base

Ya I know, starting with a new plugin makes difficulties for the first time. You may often want to troubleshoot your doubt or sometimes want to see a video for the solution.

SEOPressor offers high end support via multiple resources. You can ask direct questions, learn from FAQs, watch related videos, access online forums. You won’t be disappointed in any chance, guaranteed.

6. Smartest Auto linking and Auto blogging

Inbound links bring higher conversion by holding visitors without bouncing. It’s also a great way to increase SERPs as well as to decrease the bounce rate.

SEOPressor v5 efficiently manages your inbound links. It’s also best for Auto blogging tools. Better internal links means higher ranking.

Unique Features that you Won’t See Anywhere Else

*Multiple keyword analysis

  • Rich Structured Data Support.
  • Over Optimization Checker

  • Next generation LSI input features.

  • Social Media Integration

*. New Twitter Card Integration.

  • Automatic Meta, alt, snippet addition
  • Link wise, content wise and Page wise separate SEO reports via multiple tabs.

*Social SEO

OG tags and Twitter cards: Helps to link more data together so Google is able to see more relevance of content in your site and ranks you higher on SERPs.

Open Graph basically links every
person and item that is related to the user and Twitter-card is a
microformat which is able to publish the user’s contact details.

And lots more….

What the Developer Says

SEOPressor V5 is now your mandatory WordPress SEO Plugin – new and improved with 5 amazing features that guarantees you to skyrocket to the top of SERPs.

Review Rating

I’m a customer of SEOPressor since January 2013 and extremely happy with the performance of SEOPressor v5. It helped me to dominate in search engines for several keywords and still do so.

I would strongly recommend and give it 5 star rating out of five.

It keeps away SEO consultation with SEO professionals and saves your time and money.

The single site licence is worth 47$ (only ) and multiple licence costs 97 $. Not even a 100 $. Worth trying ahh?

Here we giving away 3 Single Site Licences of this auspices plugin. Get in and bring your blog to the next level.