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Getting Marriage Certificate in India : Must Know Tips

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The marriage certificate is a very essential document that is required for many other purposes than just a marriage proof. It might act as legal proof for various other documentation work or while applying for some other essential type of documents.

This is why getting a marriage registered is really important as it is the only way to achieve a marriage certificate. It is also the one and only legal proof of a registered legal marriage in the eyes of the law.

Marriage is also one of the most auspicious moments in the life of the bride and groom where they decide to spend the rest of their lives together forever the whole process is so pure and it involves so much of preparations that it is a common mistake to forget to get a marriage registered.

Therefore it is important to update stand the significance of a marriage certificate in order to follow the whole process thoroughly and go the registration process with the out having any troubles.

The Significance of a marriage certificate can be explained as follows:

• It is the only official proof of marriage that is legally acceptable. This is the seal of the bond between the spouses legally.

• In order to change the maiden name by the women after the marriage certificate is essential.

• In the documentation required for opening a bank account the marriage certificate acts as a valid proof. In the case of opening a joint bank account, it is really helpful.

• To get a passport or get a visa, a marriage certificate acts as an essentially important document in most cases.

• The marriage certificate is also essential in case of applying for a marriage certificate.

• For claiming insurance against the spouse or in special cases the marriage certificate acts as a necessary proof.

• The claims can only be received after proving the relation with a person to be eligible for claiming it. This can be proved by showing a marriage certificate that clearly depicts the relationship as well as the names of both the parties to be related to one another.

The purpose served by the Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate is made a compulsory and essential document by the Indian government as it serves various purposes. The majority of them are explained below:

  1. It makes the country and it’s society strong.
  2. This is a really important purpose of marriage certificate, to provide equality of rights to both husbands as well as the wife in everything.

  3. The age-old fight of heredity and power to be transferred to the descendant can be solved in minutes by providing a marriage certificate.

  4. It is really important to stop the crimes of child marriage. These cases have been majorly put to a stop by getting marriages registered. It can be easily tracked this way if marriage is done before the appropriate age.

  5. There are many crimes related to fraud cases. These can be also tracked and stop by getting the marriage registered legally.

Penalties in case of the temperament of marriage:

In any case, where the marriage is seen to be tampered by anyone of the party, it is considered as a serious offense under the law. There are rightful ways in the law to solve the disputes that arise in a lawfully registered marriage.

If any of the spouses is seen being a dishonest partner in the bond of marriage or there are any signs of fraud they are punished. The sentence can be passed from a fine of Rs. Five Thousand to the imprisonment of up to 5 years.

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