GetResponse vs Constant Contact Tons of Reasons to Choose the Former


Email marketing continues to be one of the most important parts in my strategy to generate leads and sales. SEO is next in line, but the results from email marketing are more direct! My email marketing software of choice is GetResponse, as it has helped me achieve the highest ROI on my email campaigns. I have used a number of email marketing programs over the years. Constant Contact was one of them. I found it to be a simple but quite effective software. After having used a few of the top systems I was able to eventually come to the conclusion that GetResponse is the perfect tool for me.

Constant Contact is just too simple compared to a more powerful and effective GetResponse!

Main Reasons for Choosing GetResponse

Constant Contact is the perfect email marketing program if you are looking for something simple! But it is GetResponse that helps you achieve some solid results. Here are the main reasons why I find it so beneficial.

Advanced Statistics


Getresponse helps me get sophisticated and extremely useful email statistics. Constant Contact also allows real-time tracking and reporting, but it’s pretty simple! It tracks only email opens, clicks and forwards. My current email marketing program can do much more.

  • It keeps real time track over the actions taken by my subscribers and helps me determine the best time to send out emails.
  • It empowers me to send out the right email messages to groups based on a number of factors. The software will compare different email messages and then deliver a report that shows which message performed better.
  • I can set various kinds of reports that I want to receive regularly.
  • The software can also provide me reports about the performance of social sharing of my emails. This helps me learn about how my emails are performing on different social media sites.
  • I also get stats about how my recipients are viewing my emails on different email clients. I use this information to optimize my campaigns for different clients and browsers.

Email Previews


GetResponse allows me to get a preview of my messages even before I send them out. So I will

already know if the messages are delivered as per my preferences. If not, I could make the necessary changes before the emails are sent.

There’s no need to conduct repetitive tests or spend more on testing software! I just check the preview, do some tweaks, and it’s done!

I could also get a preview of how my emails will look in different email clients. Getresponse covers all the leading clients including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others. In fact, I could also check previews of how my messages will appear in different mobile devices including Android phones and tabs, and iPhones and iPads. The dynamics to email marketing have changed dramatically thanks to the smartphone revolution, and this email marketing tool is ideally suited to help me run more effective campaigns.

AutoResponder 2.0


Getresponse has Autoresponder 2.0, a powerful and intelligent marketing partner that keeps taking actions based on how my subscribers respond. It follows the smart sales-channelprocess and takes the right step at the right time to increase the best chances of a sale.

Constant Contact on the other hand just seems to lack the ‘smart’ touch by a big margin. It provides effective tracking tools and a great mobile app, but it doesn’t just offer me anything like autoresponder 2.0.

The best things about my email marketing software’s AR 2.0 feature are:

  • Automatically responding to the actions and needs of my subscribers
  • Much more beyond opens and clicks
  • Cycle management
  • Timing control
  • Completed transaction actions
  • Changes in contact preferences
  • And much more!

Constant Contact does have birthday and anniversary triggers, but my AR 2.0 does it even better!

Easy & Smart Email Creation

Both Getresponse and Constant Contact provide me with powerful email creators having drag and drop and hundreds of templates. But my marketing tool is far better. It is more creative, intuitive and offers me more number of templates. Smart image editing, archiving snippets, blocks library, history of email creation, over a thousand free istock images, and over 500 newsletter templates give my program the edge. I have used both the editors and Getresponse’s is far easier and smarter.


Constant Contact Email Templates


Advanced A/B Testing


Another reason I like getresponse is its advanced A/B testing feature. I can test almost anything I create. It’s instant and easy, and my campaign is up and running in a short time. I can test anything including:

  • Subject
  • Email content
  • From field
  • Time and day of week
  • Call to action
  • Templates
  • Length of email
  • Delivery time

And much more! What is even better is that it allows me to create as many as 5 versions of these factors.



GetResponse has a single, standard price table and I find it affordable compared to most other email marketing programs. Constant Contact has 2 plans – basic and Email Plus.

Constant Contact’s advanced plan, Email Plus, has an excessively pricing structure that doesn’t seem to be reasonable – especially when you consider that getresponse is far better. In fact, it costs more than double.

They have created the basic plan with lower prices. But even the basic plan is costlier than my getresponse plan. It is easy to see why I have no reason to choose Constant Contact. Why would I spend $55 on a plan that costs me $45 per month with some decent annual discounts and still does far better? I think Constant Contact needs to revamp its prices.


Getresponse also has an app. It allows advanced segmentation, allowing me to target different groups of users based on factors that demonstrate uniformity. It also allows creating powerful video email campaigns. The email marketing tool is far more powerful and feature-rich, and comes at half the price as Constant Contact. Why would someone choose a less ‘smart’ package while paying double the amount?