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Instagram has become the most popular marketing platform for enterprises that want to advertise something on the digital platform. Gone are the days when the only way to marketize on the digital medium was Google ads. In today’s digital era, we have many social networks to advertise products and services with great results. Instagram is the most preferred platform by digital marketers to get effective results.

The Instagram platform is used by marketers to spread a word to followers and accounts. Instagram allows marketers to create an account, post new things, and share it with friends and followers. You can easily get Instagram followers app to increase the number of followers on your profile.

The greater number of followers you have, the better your profile will be to marketize things. Interestingly, we have numerous tools that will help digital marketers to get free Instagram likes as well. Just like the followers, Instagram likes also attracts new eyeballs towards the product or the post shared on the platform.

GetInsta is a one-stop solution for those who want to use Instagram as a marketing tool. The tool offers free Instagram followers instantly as well as Instagram likes. The best part about this platform is it is free of cost. All you have to do is just create a new account on this platform to start gaining Instagram Followers and Likes.

If you are curious to know more about this advanced marketing tool, then here we have compiled a list of all the key features of this tool. Follow the list to know more about this tool.

Key Features:

100% safe and secure

GetInsta is developed by a highly qualified team of engineers and developers. The platform is 100% safe and secure which keeps your privacy safe. All of your personal data is safe and free from any risk.

Provides Real and Organic Traffic

Unlike other marketing tools, GetInsta works with real Instagram profiles. All the followers and likes that you receive on your profiles and posts are 100% genuine. The likes and followers will be increased on your profile periodically once you signed up and start the process.

Free of cost

The tool works with real-time users. It will not ask for any type of subscription fees or additional charges. All you have to do is just follow new profiles and likes on the posts suggested by the tool. As a result, you will get new coins to spend on a specific task to gain Instagram followers, likes, etc.

Quick Delivery

The given tasks will be finished quickly and you will get instant results as per your requirements. It takes only 24 hours to get the results. Just be patient and see your followers grow.

Multi-language Support

GetInsta tool supports over 18 different languages. You can marketize for things from different countries using a suitable language from the available 18 options. Just select the Settings option and then the Language section to choose the preferred language.

Multi-account support

The tool first requires you to sign up for them using your personal information. Then you will have to add the Instagram User Id on which you want to gain followers and likes. The best part about this platform is it supports multiple users. You can select the Add button to add one more Instagram account. You can select your account from the list before ordering for new followers and likes.

24/7 Customer Support

If you have any queries or questions regarding the platform and want to know more about it, then the customer care team is always ready to help. You will get instant help from the highly professional and experienced team.

How does the GetInsta Tool Work?

GetInsta is a free-to-use Instagram marketing tool designed for digital marketers. The tool is available for free for Android, iOS, and Windows PC Operating systems. You can get a standalone app for a respective platform from the official website.

Or you can visit the web portal of the tool to get started with the platform. The first thing you need to do is sign up for a new account. You will be asked to enter your personal details to create a new account on the platform.

Upon signing up, you will be provided with some free coins which you can spend to buy Instagram followers and likes.

The next thing you will be asked is to add your Instagram Account. Enter the User Id of your Instagram profile and click the Add button.

If you don’t want to buy the coins for getting Followers and Likes, you can simply start following and liking the profiles suggested by the tool. You will be given tasks periodically which you have to complete to earn free coins for buying followers and likes on your profile.

Since the platform has an option to gain real-life Instagram followers and likes just by completing a small task, more and more people love to use it. Alternatively, you can buy the coins for the followers and likes as per your needs using the purchase section.

On the profile section, you will be able to select Get Likes or Get Followers option. Upon choosing an appropriate option, you will be asked how many likes and followers you need? After that, you will be given two different options for finishing your order, by coins or by money.

If you have enough coins to spend, you can go with Pay with Coins option. If you don’t want to participate in free coins earning program, you can simply choose the Pay with Money option to pay instantly using your debit card or credit card.


GetInsta is one of the most preferred platforms for Instagram marketing if you are concerned about the security and privacy of your account. The platform works with real-life Instagram users and will get you the real-life followers and likes.

It is highly secured that doesn’t leak your personal information and privacy. The easy-to-use interface and multi-platform support make it more user-friendly. If you are into the same business, then you should give this Instagram Marketing tool a try.

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