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Get your own free virtual mobile phone number to receive and send sms

Do you want a free virtual phone number from where you can send free sms and even receive sms? Mostly this feature is needed for business purpose but we might also need virtual phone number to receive and send sms in some personal matter also. Below is given how you can get free virtual mobile number from where you can send sms and even can receive sms.

There is a company named “LLEIDANETWORKS SERVEIS TELEMATICS” from Spain which runs a website:

From this website you can get a free virtual phone number of Spain in the format +3497******* from which you can send free sms and can even receive sms on-line. Even if we need credit (Account balance) to send sms and we need to buy credit they give 3 credits for free to new users and sending each sms takes an average of 0.30 credits from your account (but may vary according to the country you send sms to) so each account you sign up with will give you about 10 free sms to send. And you can receive unlimited sms for free. You can also forward the sms you receive in your virtual phone number to your actual number but for doing so you will be charged a credit equal to the credit charged to send sms to your real number. Also they provide you a free online phone book in your account for storing your contacts safely and send sms to those numbers faster.

So to get this service you need to visit

And click on “Free Account” At the side bar. You then will see a form, just fill out this form with correct details and click send. After you click send within 2-5 minutes you will receive an email on the email address you provided to them.
Within the email will be your username and password to access your account and a virtual phone number for you where your friends can sms to you and you can check those sms from your account.

After you receive your username, password and virtual phone number you can login to your account by two ways one by websms by going to this website

and another by downloading a software to your computer and logging in from there. You can download the software from this link:

Your account will be active for 6 months even if you don’t use your account to buy credits and just use it to receive and send sms. And if you want to buy credits to send more sms from your virtual number you can just login to websms link given above and click on “Recharge”, you will be able to buy credits using your credit cards which will cost you from 0.09 to 0.1202 euro dollars which depends on the volume of credits you buy.

Or if you don’t want to invest money then you can just sign up again with another email address and receive 3 free credits and a new virtual mobile number.

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