Get Real-Time Business Overview with Dashboard for Real Estate Companies

Many individuals still doubt that there is no room for automation in real estate businesses. However, this is entirely false, and there are a lot of inclusions that you can make. At Plecto, we have taken up this particular factor into consideration and made sure that you can get a one-of-a-kind experience when you use our dashboard for real estate companies.

We understand that the concept of using a real estate KPI dashboard is unique for many in the industry, so we will give you a better understanding of this software and how you can utilize this to your company’s benefit.

How Does a Dashboard for Real Estate Companies Function

The most important thing about the dashboard for real estate companies is that it is designed to offer you a great user experience. You can monitor the performance of your sales team, import data for each agent working for you, and use a variety of widgets to display the data and come up with a solution.

Our real estate dashboard is accessible and offers a convenient way to work, and the efficiency rate is at its peak. Using software or a user dashboard is the most effective way to manage the operations and monitor the performance of your team and come up with better solutions.

At Plecto, we focus on client expectations, so the process is relatively easy to follow. If you want to use our real estate dashboard, contact us at Plecto, and we will incorporate it for you. This software is the best for any real estate company as it allows you to manage and measure the performance of all the real estate agencies that are associated with your company.

Our real estate dashboard is not only sustainable but is worth every penny you invest. You can visualize all relevant KPIs and manage all your business transactions on a real-time basis. The best thing about a dashboard is that it is incredibly comprehensive to use and can be beneficial for you in every aspect.

It would be our onus to help you with the software; the best thing is that you will not need much input while using the user dashboard. It is pretty straightforward and allows you to manage and visualize all data on a single screen and utilize it for the benefit of your business.

Top Features of the Dashboard for Real Estate Companies

We have already mentioned that we always put our client experience at the top of our working procedures. Hence, we have curated the SaaS dashboard to get you the best resources under one screen. Some of the most prominent features of the dashboard for real estate companies are mentioned below:

Easy To Use

The real estate user dashboard is easy-to-use. You can easily integrate it with Podio, the most popular real estate CRM. This dashboard will allow you to simplify and streamline your business operations, track the performances of agents, visualize leads and target customers, and also utilize all kinds of relevant data to come up with the best solution and achieve business goals.

Real-Time Report Generation

One of the significant components of the dashboard for real estate business is that it allows you to visualize all kinds of data and generate reports on a real-time basis. You can customize your reports based on the requirements of your stakeholders and business partners. You can also email the reports to each recipient conveniently from the user dashboard.


At Plecto, we have a vast client base. We have made sure that it adjusts to your business requirements and offers you the best solutions so that you can manage your real estate business conveniently. We have kept the option of customization open to meet your specific business requirements. You will no longer need to deal with spreadsheets to manage huge chunks of data and get everything you need from a single user dashboard.


It is time to ditch the age-old data management system and embrace the new-age dashboard for real estate companies offered by Plecto and automate your operations. Get in touch with us today to know more about the user dashboard, and we can ensure you that it will be worth every penny you spend on this software.


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