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Millions of creators around the world work on creating a masterpiece that defines the scenario. We love the photos or images so much that we save them as wallpaper on our desktop or smartphone. However, it is extremely difficult for media creators to generate sustainable income from the profession. Lack of business model in the photography business is one of the reasons why many talents fade away in the crowd.

What is Clickasnap?

Clickasnap is an image-sharing platform, where users can upload images and share them with the world. The site has over two million views on the images every day, which makes it sixty million views a month. The world loves to explore new photos & images snapped somewhere in the world and experience the scenario from another perceptive. Click A Snap is a powerful source because you find high-quality images uploaded by novice, beginners, intermediate and professional photographers. The revenue model has encouraged many enthusiastic photographers to upload their masterpieces from a different POV.

How does Clickasnap makes a difference?

We have thousands of image-sharing platforms out there, and they all offer similar options. The competition has significantly changed the landscape over the years, which begs the question of what makes Clickasnap different from the rivals.

Clickasnap does not have any missing features such as account, image uploading options, interactive features, and engagement features.

The important selling point is the revenue model, where creators will get paid for the number of image views. The image-sharing platform pays 0.40¢ per view, which is a big deal considering what you get on other platforms.

Let us look at some of the features and functions you get from the Clickasnap site.

Free & Paid Account

Yes, you read it right, the founders of the image sharing site have decided to add paid plan to continue the services. An image-sharing site requires a lot of storage and management to ensure stability, improvements, and updates.

The rival platforms don’t charge a single penny but they breach your privacy, which is a piece of infamous news around the world. The American government has imposed the tech giants for users’ data misuse.

There is a popular in English, and it is “if you are paying for the product/service, then you are the product/service.”

You do have a free plan with an unlimited uploading option, but you won’t get paid for image views.

However, you can spend a little amount of €2 for an ad-free experience, and you will get paid for the views on the images.

User Engagement

There is an option to create a free account, which ensures that the audience can engage with the image content. You can upload a wide range of unique art on the platform and they can leave comments, likes and follow your profile. The post will give a quick insight into the number of followers, views, likes, and uploads. Viewers will learn about your activity in a short span of time and you will have the advantage to increase engagement.

Multiple Categories

Clickasnap does not limit creators in any way and introduced popular categories for everyone. You can upload the images in 32 categories such as Science, Animals, Pets, Beauty, Art, Birds, Comedy, etc. The founders have stepped forward and added important categories that the world is looking for and you won’t be disappointed.

Sell Images as Products

Creators can generate passive income by selling images like products, which will boost the income. You can decide the image price and earn from the sales, which will improve the income significantly. The site has over two million views and it is getting better on a monthly basis, which improves sales in near future.

Note: Sales will depend on your work.


You can get verified as a seller and it will boost the creator’s reputation in the digital market. Of course, you have to improve the image quality and upload unique images in the marketplace to achieve better success on the Clickasnap platform.

Bottom Line

Clickasnap is a blessing for millions of photography aspirants and it is an opportunity for the creators. You have an opportunity to showcase the work to the world and earn decent income from the platform. The community is increasing day-by-day Let us know what do you think about Clickasnap approach in the comment section below.

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