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Get Notified Whenever your Facebook Friends gets Online!

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2014)

Back in 16th Century, when there were no telecommunications, people used to write letters and would get replies months and months, sometimes year(as if you are sending some to abroad) and this was not a very reliable and a good way to communicate, though I would instead writing letter, would travel to the specific destination and would have a chat in-person.

Moving to the current 21st Century, times have been accelerated. You don’t have to wait for years getting a reply, instead you got a reply in a matter of seconds through emails and Facebook and Upcoming messengers. Be it abroad or in the country messages are delivered as fast as they can. It is really Human’s one of the greatest invention till date.

Now, you might be wondering what I’m taking you to, so to clarify it, I’m going to show you how to get notifications when your Facebook friend gets online. Applications available in both iOS and Android platform can make such awesome calls, when your friend gets online. Well, you get the same feature in some non-official Facebook messengers too, but why to ponder when you have got a app for it.


“Facebook Online Friends Notify” for Android phones and “Fav Alert” for iOS Devices pops up those notifications as soon as someone comes online. So you can mention the person you want to see notifications for, so you are not getting annoying notification’s but only specified one’s.

So be it your Colleague or Schoolmate or your Boss(LOL!) you get all the alerts whenever they come online. This app is certainly a path breaking app, which helps users to more productive task.

So here’s the guide for the app,

  1. Install the given app specified above
  2. Now, when your installation has been finished, sign into facebook through the app. Then the app will popup a windows showing granting access. Click “Yes” to it, and your partial work has been done.
  3. The ultimate task lies here, Click and specify the persons you want to get “Notified” when they get online.
  4. That’s it, whenever the person you specified gets online, you will receive a notification as the above message seems.


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