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Get JMP v10.0 ROM by jigarmpattani for Micromax A110 Canvas 2 – Best Ever ROM

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2013)

JMP v10.0 ROM by jigarmpattani is ready to supercharge your Micromax A110 Canvas 2 superfone. As we all know, Micromax could change their bench in Indian smartphone market just because of the launch of Micromax A110 Canvas 2 superfone. I’ve often heard by this question from my loyal reader “Hey Sid, why don’t you consider Micromax Canvas 2 users while providing latest ROMs for other android phones”.

The answer is nothing but the scarcity of quality ROM for Micromax A110 Canvas 2. I’ve recently came across a strange – termed ROM for MMX Canvas 2, “JMP v10.0 ROM by jigarmpattani”. I just dug though the comments in the dev forum (ie., XDA) to get user’s feedback.

But surprisingly none of them were complaining about JMP v10.0 ROM by jigarmpattani. In fact, each and every users were praising the ROM after using that. Keeping this in mind, I just lend my friend’s MMX Canvas 2 and started flashing with it.

Oh my God, I just shocked around after loading the ROM for first time. Being true, It’s the best ever ROM made for Micromax A110 Canvas 2. Yeah, it’s. The booting logo, faster loading app drawer, and overall performance were out of the box and hence I decided to promote it here for my dear MMX Canvas 2 lovers.

Actually this ROM has been made by Jigarmpattani but the latter works have been done by one of the XDA member “DanceOff“. So kindly hit thanks for their awesome work after flashing it. Also this ROM has got a bright future because I had contacted the Mod of this ROM regarding the change logs and he was quite sure that he would update the ROM with change logs once per month at least.

So, if you found any bug in this ROM, kindly be patient and report me or him to get rid off it in the next change log. That’s all. Let’s have a look on JMP v10.0 ROM by jigarmpattani.

Note :If you didn’t root your Micromax A110 Canvas 2 yet, kindly root it from here by following this easiest procedure.

Main Features (Source Dev Thread) – JB ADAPTATIONS

-GPU Performance
-CPU Optimization
-Size Optimization
-JMP RAM Optimization Script
-GPU & CPU High Performance Tweaks
-TV Out Option Added
-Advanced Volume Setting Added
-Project Butter ie. 60 FPS
-Samsung Touchwiz Launcher
-JMP™ Status Bar & Background Pattern
-WiFi Signal Issue Fixed
-Minor Bugs Fixed
-Sony™ Xloud Sound
-Camera Patches to Improve Quality
-Sony™ Bravia 2 Engine
-Reboot Option Added in Power Menu
-Fully Dodexed and Zipaligned
-Performance Tweaks
-Sound Enhanced
-Ad Block Hosts added
-Backup App Included
-GPS Issue Fixed
-Xtream™ Project Included
-Gemini Memory Cleaner
-Init.d Scripts supported


-Size Optimized
-RAM Optimization Tweaks
-Samsung Touchwiz Launcher
-Simple Status Bar & Backgroud Pattern
-New Keyboard (Multi Layout & Theme )
-WiFi Signal Issue Fixed
-Minor Bugs Fixed
-Sony™ Xloud Sound
-HTC Beats™ Audio
-Samsung Ringtone,Notification Tone,System Tone
-Camera Tweaks
-Sony™ Bravia 2 Engine
-Fully Dodexed and Zipaligned
-Performance Tweaks
-Sound Enhanced
-Ad Block Hosts included
-All in one Backup App
-GPS Issue Fixed
-Xtream™ Project Included
-New Boot Logo & Boot Animation
-New Inbuilt Gemini Memory Cleaner Widget
-Butter Project Included

How to Flash JMP v10.0 ROM by jigarmpattani for Micromax A110 Canvas 2

It’s pretty easy guys. If you have performed any flashing so far, it’s just like that, nothing else.

1.Download JMP™ ROM .zip File

2.Put into SD-Card

3. Go To CMW Recovery

4. Wipe Data/Factory Reset And Wipe Partition

5. From Advance Menu Do Dalvik clear Dalvik Cache.

6. From Advance Menu Do Battery State Clear

7. Move to Mount And Storage and  select “FORMAT SYSTEM”

8. Select Install From SD and Select File  then head on. Then Reboot Your System. That’s it.

List of Patch Files to Fix Multiple Bugs..

* Germany Region Network Patch

* Pakistan region network patch

* Google App Patch For ICS & JB Version

* Text To Speech – Pico TTS Patch

* Google Play Store Apk Patch For Them Who Facing Server Error Only

* Xperia Launcher For ICS & JB ROM

* Charge Battery During Your Phone Is Off

* ICS Killer WiFi Hotspot Fix

* Patch For Laggy UI

* Micromax Driver For 32 Bit

* Micromax Driver For 64 Bit

Flash these patches as per need just like flashing the ROM. But no need to clear any cache or data. Just drop it into your SD – Card and in recovery mode, choose install from zip and flash.

Download JMP v10.0 ROM

1. Link 1
2. Link 2

And how’s it buddies? I hope you have excited about it. Just do it and please let me know your feedbacks and comments. Also don’t forget to comment about the bugs you found. Amigos. 😀

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  • Hi,

    I flashed this rom to my canvas 2, and found these problems

    The settings shows unexpected error while saving
    The sim 2 dosent get network connection when we use sim 1 for sometime
    tv out option not working
    the front menu screens works without lag but every other menu inside settings lags

    rest , all functionality is working fine

    • The older versions are prone to have bugs so we have to flash it with newer, less bugs versions. So, please wait while I update the link or you can directly get it from xda forums

  • Hi Sid,

    I am having a Micromax a110 Canvas2 with the Jellybean 4.1.1. The issue I am facing is that the memory utilization is always above 60%. I have installed Easy task killer but still it is not improving. So the loading of games like temple run takes huge time and some times fails. Is this above JMP ROM helps me to come out of this? Is this flasing suggested to my device?
    If it helps could you please guide me with the exact steps for my model. I am new to the Android family and not aware with the most of the terminologies.

    Thanks & regards,

    • Hello Vinod. JMP ROM makes your phone faster and smoother, also it reduces load and hence provides better free RAM. However, if you want to supercharge your phone without changing the ROM, you can use any performance scripts, that may be available at XDA forums. If you could not find any, reply here. 😀

  • Hi Sid,

    Thanks for your reply. Since I am very new to Android, I couldn’t find a suitable script. Could you please suggest. First I like to try some scripts then may be go for the flashing.

    Thanks & regards,

    • That would be better. So, let me find some cool scripts and I will be posting it very soon. Please do subscribe the newsletter to get all updates. Thanks.

  • hello… i downloaded this rom…upto step 6 there is no problem via clockworkmod recovery….but as soon as i go to step 7…it tells an error…unable to format ssystem….im wondering shows…as i have dwnld one ty outube vodeo n in that it doesnt show any error during custom rom installatiomnn….any help vl b appreciated


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