Genesis Framework is arguably the most popular WordPress theme framework. In fact, even if you are just beginning with WordPress and you go on google to look for a good theme, chances are you will land on Genesis Framework Themes. The framework has got a lot of options for tinkering around in order to come out with unique designs. However, it is extremely easy to use and even users that have little or no coding knowledge can still use its intuitive drag and drop features to design aesthetically appealing websites.

Many sites have reviewed this Framework, such as BeeWits’s, An honest review of Genesis Framework and Themes – 7 Things You Need to Know is a great one you can check out.

The Genesis Framework has genesis as the parent theme but it has over 60 well-done child themes that you can choose from. With a child theme, you can customize the CSS and PHP files without worrying about losing important configurations when new updates are released. That’s because the updates will be applied to the parent theme so your saved configurations will remain intact.

The following are examples of some good Genesis framework themes.

1. Authority Pro Theme

If you are an authority in your field of expertise and want to showcase it on the internet, the authority pro theme is the perfect theme for you. The theme allows you to display your expertise on the home page but it goes a step further – it makes your page a highly converting landing page which you can use to build your audience through email collection.

When your site’s visitors land on the page, they will be given a chance to subscribe to your newsletter at the main slider area and if they miss that, you can still capture their interest with the second subscription box at the bottom left corner. This theme would be great for any professional that wants to build an online audience that is interested in their field of expertise.

2. Foodie Pro Theme

From food critics to foodies that just have a sweet tooth, the foodie pro theme would make you a great WordPress website. The thing about food is that your audience will be more interested in the photos of the food you are blogging about.

A good for a food blog should, therefore, give preeminence to the photos and that is exactly what foodie pro theme does. The minimalist design of the theme will make your website look sophisticated without losing its much-needed simplicity.

Like most other genesis framework themes, foodie pro theme also has lots of color and typography combinations which allows you to customize the theme to make it as unique as possible.

3. Corporate Pro Theme

The main problem with first impressions is you will never get a second opportunity to make one. Luckily, if you play your cards right, once is enough. When people visit your company website for the very first time, you must wow them with a pristine looking website design.

Business spends thousands of dollars to ensure they achieve this but with the corporate pro theme, you can achieve the same effect with only $125. This theme would be perfect for a creative agency, a service provider, or even a brick-and-mortar business that needs to get an online presence.

Of course, there are other important factors for corporations and enterprises, such as site performance, which is a key factor for eCommerce success, but that is another topic for another time.

4. Niche Pro Theme

The recent changes in search engine algorithms have opened a new chapter in niche marketing. As long as you can create high-quality content in a niche with low competition, you will easily rise to the top.

The niche pro theme will be your perfect partner in your niche blogging business. The simplistic design of the niche pro theme makes it possible for your viewers to easily see and scroll through the latest or featured posts, which is exactly what you want if you are to make any money with your website.

5. Magazine Pro Theme

If you are looking to launch a news or a magazine site this year, then the magazine pro theme will be an awesome pick. The theme allows users to easily select the categories they are interested in on the main menu or they could just stick with the latest posts on the home page. The stylish theme design will help to establish your website as a credible source because users do not trust news from a poorly designed website.

The theme works seamlessly across all devices and you can use desktop notification plugins to give your subscribers another way of never missing out on fresh content.

We have picked only 5 examples but there are tons of other good genesis framework themes. In fact, If you are a developer, you can also use the framework to come up with your own custom designs. You can visit the StudioPress website to see some more examples.


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