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Link building is an issue of great importance for website promotion. However, the task to get permanent quality backlinks is quite challenging. One of the popular and helpful link building methods to improve search engine rankings is PBN, when webmasters create networks of sites to control the links and regularly receive backlinks. Let’s closer discuss what is pbn and its benefits.

PBN is a private network that is created to promote one or more resources in a specific niche. The webmaster simultaneously develops several dozen sites and connects them with links to the main project.

The main feature of such a closed network is that every donor is effective. It is created manually and is under the control of the webmaster. Thanks to this, there is a guarantee of maintaining links for the entire life of all the sites.

When working with PBN, several approaches are used, the most popular of which assumes that the link power is concentrated on the main project. The resources that are part of the network can be created on the basis of ready-made templates and contain low-quality content, but the main site must be made at a high level.

Each resource from PBN is considered independent, but there are reference links between them. Their owners should be very careful because if there were many common signs, all sites may be subject to restrictions and recovery will take a long time.

In order to learn how to make PBN, Check This site. But before starting active work, you need to find out all the details. It is not difficult to get a backlink, but if it is of poor quality, the visibility of the project may decrease over time.

Closed networks should not be considered a magic tool that will definitely increase search engine visibility. If used correctly, it can be beneficial, but it is time-consuming and expensive.

Benefits of PBN:

  • controlled reference weight;
  • saving time on link building;
  • pumping the reference weight of the main project;
  • the ability to conduct experiments;
  • unlimited scalability.

Drawbacks of PBN:

  • high entry threshold;
  • high costs;
  • the risk of falling under sanctions.

PBN characteristics will differ in each case, but it is important to make each resource of a closed network as good as possible. Also, you need to carefully monitor that there is no connection between the sites, except for links.

In a nutshell, the tool can give a good result in the form of positive visibility dynamics in search results.


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