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Google Slides is becoming one of the top-leading solutions for preparing presentations online and it takes your presentation on multiple platforms and applications without any restrictions. By using Google Slides to design and deliver your presentations you can reach your target audience anywhere anytime. When you feel like Google Slides has become limited in terms of presentation templates provided by default, then you can rely on Free Google Slides Templates which works as one of the richest collections for visual presentation templates online.

Google Slides is quickly becoming as one of the top-leading presentation tools, allowing you to create visually appealing presentations in minutes. Google Slides has been built with collaboration features from scratch, enabling your team to collaborate online while creating the presentation. It is a cloud-based solution to make presentations online and features a minimalistic user interface. By using Google Slides you can eliminate excessive message, replaces the text with pictorial representations and includes only the key points in the presentation.

A good companion to make outstanding presentations with Google Slides is the free resource Free Google Slides templates (also known as FGST). This site contains thousands of pre-made themes and templates to be used in Google Slides. The designs provided by FGST can help to make your presentations memorable and engage your audience effectively.

In business, presentations can help to close a new deal, achieve new financial goals or expand your business to new markets. Delivering a good presentation is really important from the business perspective. The presentation templates from FGST help you to provide a successful presentation.

The presentation templates from Free Google Slide templates help you to achieve your business goals and get the greatest results through exceptional Google Slide themes.

Google Slides is widely adopted either by business professionals but also in the education sector. It is utilized by most of the educational organizations in the US. The fact that it is a free tool facilitates students and educators to use it. Using pre-designed themes for a variety of presentation topics and purposes, can help to deliver exceptional presentations that captivate the audience attention and keep it engaged.

Presentation template with 15 Slides for creating compelling lists

15 Slides template for Google Slides is one of the themes available in FGST. It allows the presenter to create a compelling list within a Google Slides presentation. FGST makes your content readable and valuable.

Mostly, the audience gets bored out of looking at the compelling list on the slide after slide but, the presentation templates from FGST provides high-quality imagery that will engage your audience attention towards the presentations. It also involves the audience in conversation. Each slide has got bold heading, combined color theme and background images. The appropriate usages of images, icons, shapes are used to illustrate the listings.

To use the templates provided by Free Google Slides Template you only need to have a Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account yet, it is very easy (and free) to create one from here.

Professional Flat Corporate Presentation Template

The Professional Flat Corporate presentation template is a theme for Google Slides predominantly designed for business and corporate presentations. The background of this presentation contains dark gradients and a red color palette. The modern color combination with Arvo and Open Sans fonts unquestionably provides a professional look for the Presentation.

Each slide and section in the Professional Flat Corporate Presentation template are editable and customizable.  The images, charts, text included in the templates are easily editable by the user to replace the placeholders with its own content. Moreover, the shapes and icons  can be resized without losing the resolution.

Business Technology Presentation

This is another template that suits well for any business presentation requiring a professional design in Google Slides. The background used in this presentation template can be controlled through the Master Slide. It provides a professional look and a feel to your slide deck, helping to produce a high engaging presentation in minutes.

The template includes a specific slide that helps you to signify your team members with their complete information including Name, Designation and describing their job description or role within the organization. The slide also describes the individual skills of each team member through a presentable chart.

Simple Pastel Theme Presentation Template

Simple Pastel Presentation Template for Google Slides provides a modern presentation layout with a combination of pictures, icons and shapes. The presentation design technique also includes the combination of editable elements, specific pastel color. This Modern flat design is most appropriate for demonstrating the product descriptions of your company. The consistent layout of the template provides a professional look to the presentation and keeps your audience focused on your message.

Simple Pastel Theme Presentation Template is created with text placeholders and pictures so you can easily replace the content to meet your presentation requirements or modify the graphics by editing the shape properties. It also provides an additional option to replace the images with meaningful concepts to the topics.


An effective presentation will help the presenter to convey the desired message while capturing the audience’s attention. A presentation with the proper structure and design can increase the chances of success delivering the message to an audience.

The expert designers of FGST include these success factors while creating the presentation templates compatible with Google Slides. The designers of FGST have prepared the most inspiring, informative, visually appealing and interactive presentation templates to bring life to your data or information. FGST helps to emphasize the key points with icon, shapes, images, background themes to provide successful business presentations exclusively for you. FGST helps to find professionally designed templates for Google Slides and offers access to thousands of presentation templates and elements that you can use to prepare your next presentations. Never take the risk and lose the opportunity through unresponsive presentations.


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