When it comes to real business, the primary aim of a businessmen is to provide quality product according to the client’s need. This wouldn’t be possible without knowing the actual requirements of the end user. For a successful enterprise, mutual understanding between the consumer and producer is mandatory. In order to collect the requirements of the client we often demand a written persona. Let this be a case.

Sometimes we will have to create a data acquisition method for particular purposes. What do we do? We may depend on custom or pre-built old fashioned forms. Either it be online or offline. But the flexibility of these methods are quite questionable. We can’t edit or modify the fields according to our needs. This may often leads to important data loss or any other malfunction.

Compare these both mentioned cases. One thing is clear; if you have got a flexible, editable and visually appealing data collection form, the process would become more simple. Form.com is such a great platform for you. Whether you’re a businessman, data collector or other person who is dealing with information acquisition, Form.com can help you make the task simpler, even simpler.


Form.com is a renowned online platform for building integrated web mobile forms. You can create various forms without any hassle. The various services that you can utilize with Form.com are web forms, mobile forms, offline apps, enterprise applications, process workflow and data integration. There are even more tools which you can use according to your requirements. The major services are;

Powerful Online Forms

You can create robust yet extremely editable online forms without building pain on your back. This would only take few minutes. Sit, choose your form type, add/edit desired fields, finalize. Deploy. Form.com provides the drag and drop interface so that you can insert elements without much fuss. You may include attachments inside the forms as well. If your customers are of different levels, you can set multiple access level and permissions based on their accessibility. This also supports advanced technical adaptations such as form auto fill with bar code scanner, time stamp, GPS functionality etc. What else more you want?

Mobile Forms

As smartphones have undertaken most of the fields, we can’t depend fully on conventional desktop systems. With Form solutions, you can make use the smartphone to integrate online or offline forms. This makes data collection mobile, or portable. If you’ve a smartphone or tablet PC, you’re good to go.

 Mobile forms can be accessed anywhere even at your workplace as it supports offline rendering. Once the data is captured and if you’re connected to the net, the data will be synchronized automatically which ensures no data loss. You can stop and save current submissions which can be resumed later.

API integration

If you’ve got interest in coding, API integration can be helpful for you. You can seamlessly modify existing records (contacts, accounts, custom objects etc) with the help of any legacy system. You may also avail the help of cloud integration as well. Both supports API calls to create, update, modify or delete the information. Moreover, it’s compatible with most of the high level languages (HLL) such as Java, C# etc.

Another tool is REST API. It provides REST based service interface to connect with your Form.com account. It’s an ideal suit for mobile applications and web services.

Enterprise Applications

Form.com’s revolutionary enterprise applications can be helpful for various users including customers, employees or IT administrators. According to your business needs, you can figure out the solutions by making use of enterprise applications. You can design your solutions within a short time using Form.com’s modular core framework. You will be getting a dedicated account manager who can clear your doubts and help you build better applications. You may seek the help of your account manager or contact other representatives to get rid off your problems while setting up the applications.

Other Features

Along with these services, Form.com provides plenty of other features to enhance user demands. This includes question types, telephone distribution, postal form distribution, design services and lots more.


If you have been searching for a perfect online/offline forms platform to integrate in your work, Form.com is an ideal choice for you. Web forms, mobile forms, offline apps, data integration, enterprise application etc can be availed through Form.com. You can create your desired forms without exceeding your budget.


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