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Find out who has Stolen Your Camera with StolenCameraFinder

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2013)

Okay, after reading the Title you might have got Insane and asked of what do we wanna say? But there’s is an awesome utility website which indeed helps you in finding off your camera.


So you don’t need any type of NSA tracking. The whole mechanism behind the procedure is due to the new EXIF data technology and with the main help of the serial number stored inside your photographs. The photos you click with your camera has a unique number assigned to it.  The EXIF data technology will magically assign a number to it and will store the location and some special settings along with it.

A website called Stolen Camera Finder claims that you can track your Camera online with the help of EXIF data technology. You upload your photos to the website, and then it checks for the unique number assigned to it and looks for another picture in the Internet bearing the same number. So if the thief has posted the picture you can find it out easily and can file a petition against him.

So here’s YOUR procedure for how to do it!

  1. First simply go to the website  Stolen Camera Finder
  2. Then Drag and Drop your picture to the area where it shows Drag and Drop Image.
  3. It will initialize, checkout the picture which takes some time and finally will tell your exact location of Camera.
  4. In some cases it might showcase fail, due to pictures being taken with another devices, so do make sure you are using Camera Only!

So here’s a simple guide on how to locate your camera and I hope you would soon discover your lost camera!


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