Two Favorite Features of WordPress that Makes the CMS Truly Special


WordPress is the absolute top dog when it comes to web development. It doesn’t even have a clear competitor. Almost half of all websites online have been developed using WordPress. And this isn’t just due to the fact that beginners flock to the platform, some of the most visited and popular websites online have been developed using WordPress.

For a platform to have such a broad appeal and dominate in such a competitive market means only one thing: WordPress has some really strong features that can help web developers take their game to the next level.

That’s why we found it important to go over some of our favorite WordPress features. These are the features that have enabled WordPress’s unprecedented success. If you use them in your project, they’re bound to take your web development to the next level:

#1 Custom Theme Support

Keeping your website looking stylish and new is perhaps the single most important factor in its success. Sadly, typically, it isn’t an easy task. You likely would need to spend weeks to develop a proper design and make sure it is unique. And every few months to a few years, you need to spend an equal amount to renew your website’s looks.

WordPress almost entirely eliminates all of this. It has a comprehensive theme managing system that allows you to design unique themes for your website in a very short period of time. And you can even do it without comprehensive coding knowledge too, which makes this feature even more powerful.

And if you don’t want to code your own theme, there’s a marketplace where you can download, try, and install hundreds of thousands of really unique themes with unique elements, widgets, etc. These themes can help you design a unique and professional-looking website with no coding knowledge.

And if you want to change the looks of your website in 6 months, you can easily install a new theme and completely transform your website. This makes keeping your website’s looks up-to-date and fresh extremely easy.

#2 Extensive Plugin Support

You might be surprised to learn that a vanilla WordPress installation doesn’t come with a lot of features. In fact, with a vanilla WordPress installation, you only have tools that are mostly the bare minimum to make a blog website function.

But, this is not only not a disadvantage, but it is actually an amazing advantage for WordPress:

Due to the fact that WordPress doesn’t come with a ton of nuts and bolts, by default, WordPress websites are extremely fast and responsive. This not only provides a better user experience to your visitors, but it is also quite important for SEO, which makes your website more visible on search engines.

But, what if you wanted advanced features? Should you completely forgo using WordPress? No. This is where the brilliance of WordPress’s design comes in. To compensate for the relatively simplistic base WordPress installation, their team has developed a very powerful interface that easily allows their community to customize and add features to WordPress, and these features are later packaged as ‘plugins’.

These plugins can add complex features like security authentications to simplistic features like comment sections. They’re extremely versatile and can customize every part of WordPress. And what’s great? You only need to install whatever features you want, keeping bloat to a minimum.

Sadly, fully utilizing WordPress plugins to their full potential can be difficult if you’re not an expert. If you want to create a truly unique website that truly harnesses the power of this amazing feature, we recommend contacting a WordPress development agency.

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