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New Firmware (15.4.A.1.9) Rolls out as Feature Release 2 for Xperia M C1905/1904

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2014)

Followed by the new kernel release for Xperia M, the firmware update goes live as feature release 2 with build number 15.4.A.1.9. Sony had released 4.3 jellybean update for Xperia M few months back and this feature release 2 a.k.a FR2 comes with  performance improvement and various bug fixes. As every official firmware update, this update also rolls out as phases with respect to the country and carrier.

fr2 xperia m

Ever since the release of last 4.3 firmware, we heard lots of noises about theme incompatibility issue and heating issue. Through this 15.4.A.1.9 build, Sony has fixed both of these bugs as far as I used it. But lack of app to SD feature and quick settings panel remains with it.

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As I have already unlocked the boot loader, I couldn’t get the update via FOTA or PCC. So I manually downloaded the ftf (Thanks to the one who uploaded the Indonesian ftf) and flashed with the help of flash tool. This update makes my Xperia M even smoother and feels like butter. I have also tried various themes from play store and all seems working.

xperia m software update

xperia m 4.3 theme support

Those who unlocked their boot loader can download the ftf (firmware) and flash with Flash Tools. You will definitely lose root access by the flashing. But you can root this firmware also by installing CWM combined 15.4.A.1.9 kernel which is compiled by Noel Macwan. Kudos to him also. If you still didn’t get how to root on 15.4.A.1.9 firmware, follow through.

How to Manually Update Xperia M to 15.4.A.1.9 Firmware

  • Make sure that you have installed flash tool along with proper drivers.
  • Then download the ftf from here and copy it to the firmware folder of flash tool. Download C1905 ftf Download C1904 ftf
  • Now switch off your phone and connect to the computer in flash mode. To do so, power off device, press and hold the volume down button and connect it to the computer. The LED will blink green.
  • Now click on the black thunder button at top left and choose “flash mode”. Finally choose the latest firmware and proceed. Beware that by following this method, all your files in the internal memory will be wiped.

xperia m flash tool ftf

You can see the above screenshot for further clarification.

How to Root Xperia M Running on 15.4.A.1.9 Firmware

As this is only a firmware update and does not change the software version, you can root the phone with the same old method which I shared here but instead of fast booting the mentioned kernel, you have to download this kernel and fast boot it. Everything else remains the same.

If you have already updated your Xperia M to this FR2 firmware 15.4.A.1.9, let me know how you think about it. All credit goes to Xperia M group

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