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Expired domains are in high demand. If you’re hoping to score one, you might be wondering what happens after a domain expires and how the purchase process works.

If a domain name expires, there is often a grace period where the owner still has a chance to renew it. But after that, the registry will either sell it at auction to the highest bidder or make it available for registration again.

If you are also looking for domain lists, you are on the right page.

Whether you want an expired domain to increase page authority, bring more traffic to your site, or improve your search engine optimization (SEO), keep reading to discover how to easily find expired domains with great backlinks.

List of Expired Domain Names: 3 Purposes of Expired Domains

There are many ways to use an expired domain. However, most people use expired domains for one of three purposes:

  • To create authority websites
  • To build private blog networks
  • To use for redirects

Create Authority Websites with Expiring Domains

If you want to build a new website, it isn’t easy to do it on a new domain without page authority.

The biggest issue is that you have to invest more time and money in increasing page authority, and from an SEO perspective, it is a big burden for many agencies and companies.

A quality expiring domain has a high domain authority and ranks well on search engines.

That gives businesses a head start and allows them to build a content-rich website, enough to beat competitors and crack the first page of Google search engine results.

Build Private Blog Networks with Expired Domains

Most people who buy expired domains use them to build authoritative websites for a specific industry.

If this is your goal, you should search expired domains with quality backlinks for your niche, a high search engine optimization score, and without spam-free content.

Redirect with an Expired Domain Name

Another purpose of an expired domain name is redirecting it to your main site.

By doing so, you will pass over a part of the links of the expired domain name to your main site and get an extra advantage if the name has existing traffic and a high search engine optimization score.

Redirects from expired domains are an efficient strategy for building traffic, increasing current search engine optimization scores, and attracting more customers to your site.

Another advantage of using expired domains to build more links is that you can redirect as many sites as you like.

What to Check Before Purchasing Expired Domains

Finding expired domains that are worth the money is not always easy. You need to consider many factors and compare all available dropped domains to find the right one.

From domain age to backlinks quality, Google search engine bans, indexing, and trademarks, you will need to inspect all metrics to make a well-informed decision.

Domain Name Search Metrics: Find Right Domains

  • Domain Age – Domain age plays a vital role in search engine rankings. Older domains are more valuable, contain quality site content, and can help you rank higher on Google search engine result pages.
  • Backlinks Quality – When people click on a website, they want to see clean and organized content with links from trustworthy sources like the US government or Wikipedia. It is essential to check backlinks history to determine whether the expired domain name suits your project needs.
  • Bans – Expired domains with a ban from Google search engine bots are no good. Always make sure to use checker tools to see if the expired domain name has any adverse history with Google.
  • Index – Another thing to check is whether the pages have been indexed by search engines.
  • Trademarks – If an expiring domain is trademark-registered, you might end up dealing with additional complications, including violation of the trademark agreement, resulting in additional penalties by the search engine and trademark owner. Excluding very high-value domains, trademarked names typically aren’t worth it.

List of Domain Names About to Expire: Best Place to Buy Expired Domains

You can use the following tools and platforms to search a list of recently expired domain names with quality backlinks, free of spam, and at a competitive price:

GoDaddy Auctions for Advanced Domain Name Search

GoDaddy Auctions is one of the most reliable platforms in the world for finding good domains across the web with appropriate links for your business category. However, the price range at GoDaddy Auctions varies drastically.

Even so, the domain name search process is simple. First, register an account and then scroll through the domain name search using the advanced filters, including keywords, extensions, and registration period, to find the best domains.

You can set a bid and send it over to GoDaddy Auctions for review. Based on the popularity of the domain name, GoDaddy Auctions may take a few days to compare the bids.

You can also buy an expired domain name from GoDaddy Auctions without bidding by setting up a backorder.

SnapNames for Extensive Domain Name Search Lists

Besides GoDaddy Auctions, SnapNames is also an excellent marketplace for domain name search lists of expired names. Compared to GoDaddy, which has over 20 million domains, SnapNames has a bigger archive of 30 million domains.

You can select domain name search lists based on price range, search engine optimization rank, daily auctions, and keyword value and narrow your options to find a quality domain name with spam-free content.

DomCop for All Types of Domains

DomCop is another popular tool to search and purchase an expired domain name.

Within a few clicks, DomCop will display available domains across the web with metrics such as backlink values, search engine optimization score, content details, WhoIs information, Wayback Machine archive, and Alexa Rank.

Like GoDaddy Auctions and SnapNames, DomCop also finds all domain types and presents domain lists of pending delete names, domains on sale, premium names, and pre-release domains.

Domain Hunter Gatherer for Branded Domains

If you are looking for a tool with advanced search features and access to branded expiring domains across the web, Domain Hunter Gatherer is a suitable option.

What people like most about this tool is the Domain Auction feature, allowing you to narrow domain name search lists using various metrics.

Domain Hunter Gatherer also provides you with a video guide explaining the process of finding and buying old and new domains.

Register Compass for Vast Domain Name Search Lists

Register Compass has similar search features as GoDaddy Auctions, SnapNames, including a list of domain names expiring soon.

The tool comes with a handful of filters, with the best one being the Domain Toolbox (something that GoDaddy Auctions doesn’t have).

When using this filter, you can analyze a certain expired domain name and access previous keyword history, thumbnails details, WhoIs information, SEO score, traffic comparison, anchor text of the backlinks, Alexa rating, and much more.

Register Compass is not a free tool. However, the monthly price for using the filters is nothing compared to the metrics and parameters you may use to analyze deleted or expired domains.

ExpiredDomains.net for Domain Name Search Lists (Soon to Expire)

Expired Domains is one of the oldest marketplaces on the web to search and buy expired domains. Although the interface is outdated, the domain name search option is functional and easy to use.

Similar to GoDaddy Auctions, this tool displays data on the total number of domains, domains on auction, available names to renew, and domains about to expire.

The only disadvantage is that you can’t filter according to metrics. Instead, you need to scroll down the database and check expired domains, one by one.

SpamZilla for Expired Domains with Good Backlinks

SpamZilla is another popular tool for accessing a long list of expired domains with quality backlinks. It has excellent navigation, which makes the process of domain name search quick and simple.

Like GoDaddy, it also has a database full of metrics you might need to compare a potential expired domain name.

You can analyze search engine optimization ranks, SEO score, keyword value, Alexa rating, domain name extension availability (.org, .com, .net), and anchor text to find a suitable expired domain name for your niche, with spam-free content.

Choose Your Domain Name Expired List and Score Quality Domains Fast

Whether you want to visit GoDaddy Auctions, Spamzilla, DomCop, or elsewhere to search for an expired domain name, make sure to analyze the domain data carefully before making any conclusions and registering or bidding on the domain name.

Almost every tool allows you to review backlink data, view registration date and SEO history, helping you make the right decision and choosing the most suitable expired domain name for your website.

Once you find the perfect expired domain name with quality backlinks, act fast and seal the deal. Expired domains never last long!

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