Melbourne is known throughout the Land Down Under for its unique laneway culture with its unique museums and art galleries. The Yarra River stretches across town, giving it an idyllic vibe that companies and families find appealing. For this reason, Melbourne is now the second-most densely populated city in Australia. It is also known for being a technology hub, with a lot of tech corporations calling this place home.

If you live in Melbourne, your address is enviable! In this modern, digital world, living right smack in the centre of a tech hub means you won’t have difficulties finding a service centre should you encounter tech issues. There are many companies for computer repairs in Melbourne to help you iron out your problems. But don’t wait before your PC completely crashes before you do anything about it. Most expert technicians recommend performing easy maintenance to keep your device working smoothly, keeping bigger problems at bay. Here are some quick tips to ensure your computers stays “healthy” to extend its life:

Conduct Routine Software Check-Ups

When it comes to keeping your computer functioning at the optimal level, you have to pay attention to your antivirus software, conduct disk checks, and perform defragmentation. Taking care of these three components ensures that your computer’s memory remains in tiptop shape. Here’s what they can do:

  • Defragmentation: Installing a “defrag” utility means bits and pieces of files are not left in temporary folders when you delete, move, or copy any kind of file. It will truly free up space, ensuring that your PC is up to speed all the time. When it comes to a computer’s compact disk space, this matters a lot.
  • Check disk: This check disk or “chksk” goes hand-in-hand with your defrag utility. It will sort through your leftover files and check all your disks for any impending errors.
  • Antivirus: An antivirus software is a watchdog for your desktop or laptop. It will catch malware and viruses which you may encounter while surfing the net or sharing files with other people.

If you need help installing all these utilities, you need the advice of a reputable computer technician. They can provide quality software to ensure that your files are protected against threats. These speciality programs can even include schedulers that can do routine scans while you are sleeping, allowing you to save time and ensure it doesn’t impinge on your working hours.

Keep The Device Cool

Most technicians advocate for keeping your PC’s cooling fan in tiptop shape to ensure adequate air circulation. For desktop users, make sure the CPU has adequate airflow around all its corners. Be sure to declutter your workspace to prevent the hot air from building up inside. For laptop users, make sure you are working on a solid surface. Placing your laptop on a pillow or your bed will result in overheating because the soft bedding will end up covering the vents of the fan, blocking the airflow.

In addition, you may need to conduct periodic cleaning of the fans to maintain optimal use, especially if you have pets and live in a dusty, high traffic place. All of those can accumulate inside the cooling fan. If you are unsure about what to do, it will be prudent to ask the help of companies that provide computer repairs in Melbourne. You can bring your gadget to them, or they can come to you.

Use a UPS

You need to protect your computer from power surges, blips, and other interruptions that occasionally happen on your power grid. Although you may not feel them because the light just flickers for a bit, those spikes and snags in your electric current are felt by your computer. As such, instead of just plugging directly to an electrical outlet, you need to use a backup UPS or an Uninterruptible Power Source to protect your tech investment against potentially damaging surges. Just remember to keep your UPS battery replaced every three years for optimal protection.

Invest in a Backup System 

Finally, most computer experts suggest that you need to provide your computer with a backup system. Though everyone uses the cloud for easy access and streaming, it would still be in your best interest to have a tangible backup device that can store all your important files. Listen to your IT guy and back up your stuff because no one can predict a computer crash! Most of the time, they get rush jobs asking them for a quick cure for hard drive restoration. All of these stress and angst could be prevented if they are diligent in using your backup system.


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