The greatest evolution human history has ever witnessed!

Remember Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street released in 1987. This was Michael Douglas who for the first time ever in the history of Hollywood used a cell phone. The Brick was the name given to Motorola’s DynaTac. It was the first commercially launched phone back in 1983. Costing some $10,000 in current dollars. It was around 1 kg in weight, 25 cm high with an antenna, and had a battery life of 30 minutes after a recharge of 10 hours. Other than dialing a number it could store 30 different dialing locations and there was no other feature. Still it was a privilege to own it at that time.

Today, we find stylish, slim and sleek devices called smart phones with a whole world of features associated with them. A video, originally published by Stealth Luck, explains how these cell phones have evolved over such a short span. Out of hundreds of thousands of cell phone models, such models are shown which brought in revolutionary changes are shown in this video.

Human history has never witnessed such a rapid evolution as of cell phones. And the guru’s say that what we have found so far is just the tip of ice-berg. Let’s wait and see what the next big thing is coming up!


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  1. Awesome Article. I first time knew the details of first launch cell phone. I didn’t know even the year. Sayantan, thanks to your great work here and people knew about how and when the cell phone launched. very very knowledgeable post.


    • Sayantan Mahato Reply

      HI Shailes,

      THanks for dropping by. I’m glad that you loved it.


  2. Hahaha! The world of mobile phones has obviously seen a lot of transformations. I never dreamt of acquiring since it was indeed expensive when it started channeling out.

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