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The ​ration card​ was created as a means to assist people receiving grains and other Government supplies from the Public Distribution System. The State Governments worked with them to implement ration cards so they received these subsidies without any hassle. However, the ration card process was not one that could be easily handled. Since it was a mandatory document and many people were applying, there were always queues and delays.

To solve this issue, the ration cards process was taken online and people could apply through the website.

Application for a new ration card

If applicants are looking to create a new ration card either because they moved away from their family, or didn’t have one, they can get their application and list of supporting documents through the website. They would also be able to upload the files to the website and the process would be handled on their behalf.

Surrender of ration card

If for some reason, people believe they no longer need their ration card, they can choose to surrender it. They would then receive a certificate stating that they gave it up, with all their details. They can then use the certificate for all application processes and paperwork but would not be able to receive subsidies from the Government.

Addition of name

This is usually done in case of a marriage, adoption, or a child being born in the household. That would mean that there is an additional member of the family, it would change the amount of ration the family can receive. The forms to handle this process are available on the website,

however, the ration card would have to be surrendered, changes would be made and it would be returned.

Subtraction of name

In case of death or a person moving out from the household, the family would have to subtract their name from the ration card.

Duplicate ration card

This is a quite common requirement since people tend to keep losing their ration cards. Even if applicants have damaged their ration cards, they have to apply for a duplicate. The forms are easily available on the website. In case of a damaged ration card, the card (or whatever is left of it) has to be returned and if it has been misplaced, a police complaint is needed.

Changes to a ration card

If there were typos or errors on a ration card, people have to get them rectified. Quite often fair price shops ask for identification when providing the grain, just to make sure the name on the card matches the person collecting, and if the two do not match, you might not end up receiving the subsidy.

Transfer of ration card

Ration cards are usually transferred when the family using the ration card is moving from one city or state to another. The ration card would have to be surrendered in the new state and the paperwork handled. They would then provide a new ration card with all your information added in it.

The ​ration card website​ handles a lot of the work connecting with ration cards and although all these tasks can be handled directly through their office, it would be a lot simpler through this ration card system.

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