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Last updated on October 7th, 2021 at 07:07 pm

Starting a new business can challenging and tiresome process because you have to set everything from scratch. Additionally, there are too many things to handle and get answers for. Bygone are those days when businesses carried out all the functions manually.

Industry 4.0 demands every business; to be digitally equipped to flourish and nurture. Software recommendation platforms understand the hustle of new entrepreneurs in choosing the right software solution for their business. In this blog, we will cover the essential software for new businesses irrespective of their industry.


HR and payroll software:

The workforce is at the core of any successful business, especially for the newbies. As a reason, new entrepreneurs need to manage their employees efficiently to make the most of their resources. Traditional processes to manage the workforce are inefficient, time-consuming, and tedious. The human resource software is a must-have tool for any organization of any type or size.

Because it helps to records, track, and process every aspect of the human resource department. Other than hiring the best talent, it is also crucial to pay them accurately and timely to motivate them. Manual calculation of payroll increases the risk of errors and arrears in the salaries.

Moreover, these errors will not only create dissatisfaction in the employees; but also might have legal implications; in the process. Implementation of the payroll software will help to digitize the entire payroll process. Payroll software will help to; automatically calculate, process, and audit payroll to minimize errors. factoHR provide all-inclusive HR and payroll software that new businesses can use to save costs.

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Accounting software:

Finance is a valuable asset for any organization, which they need to spends wisely. Manual processing of accounts payable and accounts receivable is time-consuming, and there are higher chances; of cash leakages. Any organization must keep a real-time update about its finances.

Implementation of the best accounting software will help businesses automatically record, save, and process accounts. New entrepreneurs can understand their accounting needs and customize accounting software for their businesses. This software solution will help to track the business expenditures, income, and transactions for future reference. New business owners can implement a Software as a Service (SaaS) in their enterprises to save money.


Customer relationship management software:

Customer is an integral part of any successful business. As a reason, businesses need to have a positive relationship with their customers to have higher revenue and repetitive business. It is a complex task to keep a satisfied and happy customer base. Because customer demands are always evolving, and everyone has a different mindset.

Additionally, it is not a one-time process; it is an ongoing process to keep your customers happy. Customers today expect a personalized valued customer experience. It will be challenging for your sales team to track customer preferences, purchase history, and buying patterns. The customer relationship management system is a boon to all the sales teams out there.

Because CRM tools help businesses to track the customer purchase history, preferences, and buying patterns. Some Advanced CRM tools help businesses; track the digital footprint of the customer to track their preferences. This technology will help gather, store, and process customer data to make the most out of it. The best CRM system will help businesses to; accurately predict future sales by evaluating the purchase history. This software connects your marketing, sales, and aftersales team on a single platform for better transparency and a happy customer base.

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Project management software:

New businesses need to deliver projects and other tasks before the client deadline to make revenue. Managing the project manually will be a challenging task because employees it is difficult to have a real-time update.

The project management software will help the business leaders to assign tasks and check for real-time updates. This software will give you an overview of the man-days required, daily progress and remind you about the deadline. Project management software is an essential tool for a huge employee size and organizations working on multiple projects at the same time. Small businesses can use this software to track their projects.



Industry 4.0 has made every sector and business embrace the digital transformation. We understand that it can be challenging for new entrepreneurs to select the right software for their business. You can visit Technology counter for all your software-related needs to explore, evaluate and choose the right software based on their needs.

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