An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Increase Productivity from Remote Teams


Transparency should be the sole goal while connecting with the remote team for software development.

According to Statista, revenue in IT outsourcing is expected to grow with an annual growth of 11.80% CAGR by 2027.

What is your goal as a business? What is your idea for developing a software solution for your business?

Well, it’s primarily growth and success, isn’t it?

But largely, if you have an idea, you would want to shape up into a viable digital product- why?

Because digital product pins a large clientele providing the business with a larger presence in the market. It is suggested that you opt for a dedicated development team model to build your software more effectively.

What do you think outsourcing or hiring a remote development team looks like?

Do what you do best. Outsource the Rest”- said by Peter Ducker, Father of Modern Business Management.

Offshoring is considered to curb costs and save time as it helps businesses to sustain in the competitive market and forge ahead. Understanding how to hire remote developers and building the right team is the key. Also, finding the right remote team from the top outsourcing service providers will increase productivity as they will have an experienced and talented pool of dedicated developers working remotely. The best product delivery depends on the remote teams’ performance and their efficiency to build it right.

But, if it is offshore, how would you think you can manage the team with streamlined workflows simultaneously?

Here’s a guide on what entrepreneurs should look into for managing their hired remote team.

Manage Your Offshore Team- Techniques to Keep the Productivity High

Want to get the best of your virtual team? Start considering them as a part of your on-site employees. They are equally a part of your business goals and would help you to achieve great success.

There are some unprecedented times when productivity becomes a huge question. Saving costs and better productivities are some of the top benefits of hiring a remote development team for your project.

So, if you have decided to hire remote team members, what should you consider to keep up with the productivity? Let’s find out!

1. Treat Remote Workers as Your In-house Team

One of the fallacies to manage a remote team is to treat them like outsiders. Don’t create a division between your local team members and remote workforce. This will hamper the team connection. Instead, involve them in project discussion and every communication that is related to it. Share newsletters and catch up with them regularly through different communication channels.

Discuss and take suggestions on how to go further with the development process to streamline operations efficiently. Morning meets, brainstorming sessions, video calls, and stand-alone meetings, are some of the simple ways to stay connected with them and keep up the team spirit.

Also, you can reward them with sponsored lunch, extra pay, and seasonal gifts to break the monotony and build a rapport to improve the bottom line.

2. Assign a Local Project Coordinator

One of the challenges of coordinating with the dedicated remote team members from a different location or a country altogether is that there is no one to watch over the progress of the project. To ensure that everything is processed as per the plan, there should be a team manager, CTO, or project coordinator assigned. The manager will act as a bridge between you and the offshore development team and get real-time performance tracking of the project.

This will solve the daily challenges as the person assigned will have exceptional skills, knowledge, and strong professional acumen, as a team head. The manager needs to ensure that there is no micromanaging at any time that may harm the trust and demotivate the team members working remotely resulting in productivity issues.

3. Manage Time Zone

One of the biggest downfalls could be that the dedicated team you hired to work remotely is working in a different time zone than yours. It might lead to miscommunication between the two parties.

The best possible way is to connect with each other by scheduling timely audio or video calls at a fixed time that suits both. This enables you to have time for daily reports, Q&A, and scrum meetings. This helps you to manage your remote team working in different time zone efficiently.

4. Transparency and Communication

Whether it is an in-house team or remotely working dedicated development teams, communication and transparency is the key to finishing the work successfully. It becomes more important if you are working with remote teams from offshore IT outsourcing companies in a different time zone. To prevent any issue, you need to build a smooth flow of communication with them. The primary requirement is to have an online communication tool or a platform to discuss the project along with the chat system.

At the same time ensure that there are rules and regulations for effective communication and also a manager is the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) of the team. Make real-time communication with various tools that can help you to connect with your team from anywhere in the world. Select the best of the tools and check its feasibility that works the best.

5. Work with Strategies

In-house members can be overburdened with projects. Offshore IT outsourcing company helps to diminish the weight on your In-house team by redistributing specific capabilities that would some way or another occupy their time and consideration.

Subsequently, business faculty can remain pertinent and center around the key business capabilities and furthermore need not think twice about the quality and convenient conveyance of tasks; these variables can essentially diminish an opportunity to market and go about as an urgent benefit for any cutting-edge organization.

The business workforce can likewise zero in on clients and on other fundamental boundaries like promoting, marking, nimbleness, and effectiveness.

6. Provide Feedback for Improvement

The shortfall of feedback can negatively affect your team’s efficiency. Giving both positive and negative comments to your outsourcing team as frequently as possible is good. Sharing positive input expands the team’s yield. And yet, negative feedback can be as helpful, particularly whenever given in private. This will help you bond with your team and improve the quality of your project.

7. Foster Agile Method

The agile method is a simple method for any software development that divides into flexible iterations to deliver productivity. For a remote team of developers, this process is defined as it simplifies the workflow with clear expectations and with the rounds of iterations, it improves the quality.

Parting Thoughts- Remote Team Is your Own Team

There are many ways that can help you to ensure the best productivity from the remote team working dedicatedly on your project requirements. These above-mentioned pointers will surely help in managing the team and ensuring the maximum output from each of the remote team members.

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