Taking domestic business on a global platform is always a dream of many business owners. And to turn it into a reality, we have got you a note-worthy solution. If you are a firm that is trying to explore top international markets, such as, the UK and the USA, here is a tool that will make it possible for you to attract prospects, turn them into profitable sales conversations and gain fruitful returns. So, keep reading this article to find out more about this exceptional tool.

D&B Hoovers to Accelerate International Business Sales

Whether you are already a part of the international market or trying to enter the same, D&B Hoovers is quite a valuable tool for your business. The platform is offered by Dun & Bradstreet, a leading provider of commercial data, analytics, and insights to help businesses compete, grow, and thrive in this enormous competitive marketplace. It uses world’s largest commercial data cloud, along with sophisticated analytics and insights to fast-track sales conversations. It comprises a comprehensive company database of UK and US companies, enabling you to find opportunities and grow your business. Not just that, the database helps to target more strategically, make informed decisions and increase sales productivity.

Benefits of Such Company Database

Data has become an important asset in today’s business world, and there are many benefits associated with such databases. So, here are some advantages of employing a database that you should know. Consider them and use a highly qualitative database, such as, D&B Hoovers today.

  1. Segmentation of the Market: The extensive database helps you sort and filter out the prospect beneficial to your company. Moreover, with D&B Hoovers’ insightful information, you can eliminate the business that doesn’t suit or match your business requirements and goals.
  2. Minimises Effort and Enhances Sales Cycle: With the help of D&B Hoovers, your sales team doesn’t have to hunt for data on the internet, saving time and energy, which can be further put on to sales and marketing efforts. As a result, this helps to shorten and improve the quality of the sales cycle, thus, increasing your business’ revenue.
  3. Build Trust when Onboarding a New Prospect: The insightful details of a company on D&B Hoovers helps you to trust an entity by going through their finance, ownership, director, credit data and more. In this way, you can make a decision whether or not you want to partner with a particular entity.

How to Access D&B Hoovers?

If you want such a database integrated into your business, you could request a demo today on Dun & Bradstreet’s official website. The best part of D&B Hoovers is that it seamlessly integrates into CRM platforms once prospects become opportunities. In addition, you can avail multiple industry-leading research reports to help you make your stand in the world trade market. So, make use of such databases and stay ahead of the competition. Sign up for D&B Hoovers now!