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How to Enable Fingerprint Selfie Capture on Redmi 3S Prime

Learn how to enable fingerprint selfie capture feature in Redmi 3S Prime using Dactyl app. Capture selfies by tapping fingerprint sensor on Redmi 3S Prime.
(Last Updated On: January 15, 2017)

Unlike Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3S Prime doesn’t support fingerprint selfie capture feature so far. If you were trying to capture images with your favorite camera app using fingerprint in Redmi 3S Prime, it would possibly do nothing. So a developer made a workaround to enable fingerprint selfie capture using an app called Dactyl.

Dactyl is an application which lets you capture images in your Redmi 3S Prime using fingerprint sensor. Selfie with fingerprint is undoubtedly a handy feature as Redmi devices contain fingerprint sensors at the back panel. MIUIers are eagerly waiting for a fix to take fingerprint selfie in Redmi 3S and if you’re impatient, you can add this feature manually by installing Dactyl app.

Enable Fingerprint Selfie Capture on Redmi 3S Prime

Dactyl fingerprint camera comes in two variants ; lite and pro version. Pro version obviously contains premium features. But I suggest you install the lite version first and check whether it supports your device. As far as I tried Dactyl in my Redmi 3S Prime, fingerprintcapture is working fine in both selfie and rear camera mode. Here’s how to enable fingerprint capture in Redmi 3S Prime.

  • Download Dactyl lite or purchase Dactyl premium from the above links.
  • After installing, open the app and you could see the supported camera apps from the intro menu.redmi 3s prime fingerprint selfie
  • If your favorite camera or selfie app isn’t listed in the supported apps, you can request to the developer.
  • In the next screen, tap Open Settings Page option and under accessibilty settings, enable Dactyl app.
  • Now open your camera app and try placing your fingerprint when you’re ready to shoot. A toast message will be displayed if Dactyl supports the camera app.redmi 3s fingerprint selfie capture
  • In MIUI, in order to prevent system from force closing the Dactyl app, you need to enable Auto-Start for Dactyl under Permissions section.

If you’re facing incompatibility issue while downloading Dactyl app from the Play Store, you can download the tore down apk from the above link. Let me know if you could enable fingerprint selfie in Redmi 3S Prime using Dactyl app.


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